Wired - Star Wars: Battlefront Plays Like You're Watching the Movie

Wired: As I sift through my memories of a weekend spent playing the new multiplayer shooter (via EA Access on Xbox One), I recall sheets of crimson laser fire blending with robotic voices barking updates on the match’s progress. It’s strange to admit that those abrasive moments were the most faithful interactive reproduction of the Star Wars experience I’ve ever seen.

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AudioEppa1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Only played a few hours after the game launched, but imo, it was on of the best fps games I've ever played. The action mixed with beautiful HD level designs was breath taking and it made me feel like I was inside the movies. Everything just felt larger than life, it was a nice surprise and a good separation between playing something like this and then going back to playing call of duty, two very different shooters, both goddamn fun.