Xbox One Elite Controller Review - Luxurious Quality Worth Every Penny

COG writes - The Xbox One Elite Controller is likely the best console gamepad on the market and totally worth it if you can swallow the cost.

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MercilessDMercer1120d ago

I still don't see the big deal

Neonridr1120d ago

that's because you don't have one

Digital_Anomaly1120d ago

I can see more casual players not seeing the big deal honestly, only because it can be hard for them to qualify that price tag. If you're a serious gamer though, totally worth it. I love it and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Neonridr1120d ago

@Digital_Anomaly - yeah totally.

I was merely saying that it's hard to describe how much better it is until you actually get your hands on it.

I don't own an Xbox One, but my co-worker has one and he got the elite controller. As soon as I put my hands on it I could feel the difference.

donthate1120d ago

You can't get an aftermarket controller for the Xbox One that is better than the Elite controller, let alone at the price they are offering it.

Heck, it is not just worth every penny (or cent), but it is worth more. That is why they are sold out everywhere, and going 330-40% over retail price on Ebay.

I love mine and I'm not selling it for the profit! :D

But yeah, it isn't for the casual gamer.

u4one1120d ago

probably because you don't want to. every review for this has been stellar. the only people throwing shade are the people that can't afford it or they're on the other console.

KwietStorm1120d ago

"The other console" really has nothing to do with it. Scuf controllers have been available on both for years. There are, however, always people saying it's stupid and unnecessary just because they can't justify the price for themselves, ignoring completely the point of the controller, and why it's not for them. Obviously all computer mice do the same thing, but there's a reason hardcore gamers use a more expensive or mechanical mouse for their setup. It's the same thing, but you don't ever hear people criticizing that.

etownone1120d ago

Just a matter of time before Sony releases am elite controller for ps4...

Then, without a doubt, you'll see the big deal cause..... It's Playstation.

Fankids.... Lol

generalwinter1120d ago

Wish they had an upgraded PS4 controller.

Septic1120d ago

You can use this on the PS4 with something called a CHronus Max or some falafel.

MasterCornholio1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Yeah I'm planning on using the X1 elite controller on my PS4 for certain games. Thats Possible with Cronusmax and its cheaper than buying an X1 with the controller.

Here's the site for the device.

Its also available on Amazon.

WowSoChill1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

For 150$ you shouldn't have to jump through hoops and have workarounds, its not the same

ThePope1120d ago


For $150 you will have to jump through hoops to use an X1 controller on a PS4. Is that really that odd.

WowSoChill1120d ago

@pope yes i find it odd that someone would want to spend a 150$ and for a specialty controller not designed for their system

Rookie_Monster1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )


Hmmm, how are you going to customize the buttons and make custom settings on a PS4 and PS4? Without the XB1 apps to let you do the customization, it pretty much defeat the purpose of this controller on PS4. Also, you have to be wired to the PS4 with a usb hub to work.

MasterCornholio1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )


"Hmmm, how are you going to map the buttons and make custom settings on a PS4 and PS4 games? Without the XB1 UI to let you do the customization"

By using the computer user interface to program custom profiles for PS4 games. I already asked and it can be done.

"Also, you have to be wired to the PS4 with a usb hub to work."

And I game on a computer monitor.

Whats the problem with me using the elite controller on the PS4?

There's nothing wrong with doing that my money still goes to Microsoft when I purchase the controller so it really shouldn't bother XB1 fans.

"i find it odd that someone would want to spend a 150$ and for a specialty controller not designed for their system"

It would still work on the PS4 so I don't see why it's so strange. Does it really bother you if I use a XB1 elite controller on my PS4?

P.S I would also like to add that I'm also planning on using the X1 elite controller on my PC. Trying to get the DS4 to work on my PC is too much of a hassle in my opinion.

Rookie_Monster1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )


"Whats the problem with me using the elite controller on the PS4?"

Were did I say I have a problem with you using it on a PS4? You are being paranoid. Just looking out for my PS4 homies because if Sony ever decides to do a firmware update and disable the adaptor, then you would be wasting your money.

I as a PS4 owner myself would also love to use the the best controller ever made for it, but knowing the $60 price tag for the adaptor and Sony's history of disabling usb devices via updates in the past, it is just something to put in mind when thinking about spending big bucks on something as being able to use a controller on another system.

*** Warning: PS3 Update 3.50 may disable 3rd party USB ...

Mad Catz confirms PS3 3.50 disables some of its controllers - so much for being officially licensed

MasterCornholio1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )


"Just looking out for my PS4 homies"

Not really because right now your just trying to convince me that I should buy an X1 if I really want the controller.

Truth is even if Sony patches the device out I can still use the X1 elite controller on my PC.

Your not going to try and convince me that Microsoft will patch that out right?

Anyways you should be happy that I'm praising the controller and that I'm willing to buy it. Also what I do with my money is none of your business.


BEASELY1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Go with a SCUF on Playstation, just got one and it's incredible. Not as nice as the Elite but it's a snazzy pad. Chronus introduces too much latency and there's no telling what type of compatibility issues you can have down the line with things like button mapping and uneven stick sensitivity.

donthate1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Well the nice thing about the Elite on the Xbox One is that it has all the configurations as well that you will be missing with the Chronus Max. On top of this, the Chronus Max is kind of a hit and miss in terms of functionality.

I know, because I just got one to use my Xbox One controller on my PS4.

If you get one, get it at Best Buy, because they have the best deal. It cost the same as from the manufacturer, but it comes with the audio adapter and bluetooth adapter for wireleless PS4 controller use!

I think that is an $15-20 extra cost if you buy elsewhere.

1120d ago
MasterCornholio1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )


My rights are the same as everyone else's.

In other words, just like me, Xbox fans have the right to buy whatever they want.


Ill do a bit more research. But I'll still buy an elite for my PC though so it won't be a complete loss of it doesn't work properly.

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u4one1120d ago

same. i want a big fancified ds4 controller. I don't even mind paying more for it. the stock ones are just kinda cheap and the battery sucks. a fine controller but i'd definitely be down for a materials and battery upgrade for sure

mike32UK1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Ditto man! If there's one downside of consoles for me its the average build quality of the controllers. When purchasing products, if given the choice I nearly always go for the more premium option. If ps4 had a souped up controller option id get it day one!

Paulhammer1120d ago

Too bad it's still shaped like an Xbox One controller... They ought to refine the design based on feedback.

Foehammer1120d ago

Based on feedback...

This $150 controller has flown off the shelves.

Amazon cannot keep it in stock

Amazon will not guaranty delivery on new orders till SPRING 2016.

ThePope1120d ago

Outside of a redesigned bumper the controller is the best gaming controller ever built.

Kiwi661120d ago

What would you prefer it to look like , i know how about that boomerang shaped ps controller /S

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luckytrouble1120d ago

I'm not interested for one very important reason: I would in no way benefit from having this controller. It won't make people magically not suck at games. If anything, I would suck more while figuring out how to effectively use the new inputs. The price of the controller alone is as much as about 50% of a PS4 or Xbox One this holiday, which is god damn absurd for a slightly higher build quality and a bit of variance.

Yeah, I'm sure it's a good controller. The quality of the controller has never really been a sticking point though. It's the price vs how worthwhile it is. As it stands, "elite" controllers like these aren't a new thing. You've been able to buy heavily modified controllers for awhile now. This is just Microsoft cashing in on an established niche of gamers.

KwietStorm1120d ago

You're allowed to not be interested, but it's actually cheaper than the well known modded controllers, and it's an official manufacturer product, so they're not cashing in on anything. That "bit of variance" is actually a huge difference for anyone (all of us) who has had to deal with this archaic design philosophy of console controllers for years. We've had the same directional input and face button setup for generations, and the limited options have not evolved along with the actual games. For this to finally be available straight from a console maker is a big deal.

Fatdrinkofwater1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Its extremely high quality compared to the normal controller. Extra paddles aside how hard is that for people to understand??!?

You get what you pay for but i guess some people just see its a black controller that looks just like the standard so not much different apart from customizing stuff which is incorrect.

GusBricker1120d ago

I got one with my elite console and I have to say, it's pretty damn amazing. The weight and feel is just so right.

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