Complementary products to buy along with Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Game Idealist's list of complementary products to buy with the upcoming Old Hunters expansion for Bloodborne.

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PowerPlayaaa1096d ago

I'm so hyped about this expansion. More hyped about this then I was with fallout 4.

One of the best games ever created. Top 5 easily, and I've been gaming since the 80s.

GOTY without a doubt

Seraphim1096d ago

I can't wait!! absolutely love Bloodborne

I was expecting something cool not an advertisement saying buy a pair of 7.1 Surround Headset, the new Guide and PS Plus. Besides I have everything already. I wanted something cool like the "Welcome Home Hunter" lithograph hanging on my wall. Maybe Blood Vials to quench my thirst while playing. Now that would complement the DLC.

audiocafe1096d ago

Can't wait for another reason to get back into Bloodborne. Also, anyone else think that picture of the hunter sitting with sword is pretty badass? I know I do.

Forn1096d ago

It's my phone and PC wallpapers haha.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1096d ago

My bet is that it's Runesmith Caryl considering his association with the clock tower.

TWB1096d ago

The guide is a must buy.