Official Fallout 4 Prima guide books reduced by up to 50%

NSG: Really want to dive into the world of Fallout 4 guides without browsing through endless YouTube videos? Then how about a professionally written Prima Guide? These deals are significantly cheaper than the original RRPs for both UK and US buyers.

We have new deals for both the paperback and The Collector’s Edition in hardback. There are also some deals for season passes and the PC version of the game.

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aLucidMind1096d ago

Or you can look it up on the fallout wiki for free. There is literally no use for the paper guides due to the internet.

BLAKHOODe1096d ago

I totally agree. It amazes me gamers still buy these things. Most games are easy enough to understand to get through without a guide and if you do get stuck, just Google or YouTube it.

With Fallout 4, just watch people play the game on Twitch and you'll figure out how to go about playing it.

Firebird3601096d ago

I agree but I still buy them for some of my favorite games. Kinda a memento full of pictures and information for the game I love.