This Kickstarter game and gadget could level up your sex life

Brian Krieger, co-founder and ceo of Minna Life, helped develop the kGoal Boost. This exercise device is shaped like a bicycle seat that the user sits on and connects to a mobile device that tracks the progress of kegel exercises. The company developed a female version of this product last year but has just launched a Kickstarter for the male version. I had a chance to shoot a couple of questions to Brian Krieger about the kGoal Boost and the challenges of designing a kegel-controlled game.

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Tolkoto1096d ago

I need more help than this thing can offer to level up my sex life.

gamerqc1096d ago

Most of the nerds on N4G never had sex though, wrong site.


MegaRay1096d ago

Thats not a joke. Thats a fact xD

Scatpants1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

An electric thing also exists that shocks your dick. Supposedly it's like doing tons of kegels really rapidly. I wouldn't want to try it just due to it causing insensitivity heard it works well though.

emad-E-three1096d ago

Article screams: Click me...Click me!!

Heyxyz1096d ago

That's...interesting, I think I'd like to try it to be honest.