Review: Need for Speed, A fresh coat of paint but the body still needs work (The Outerhaven)

Keith: When Electronic Arts or EA as they’re more affectionately known as, announced that they were going to reboot the Need for Speed series, I was skeptic. This was a series that the company built from the ground up, with several great games in the series (NFS: Most Wanted, NFS: Hot Pursuit), with equally the amount of really bad entries (NFS: The Run, NFS: Undercover) and I wasn’t sure what to think. It seemed that EA had hit a rout when it came to their once beloved racing series and I wasn’t sure that the company had it in them to produce a new Need for Speed title that would capture the grace of their past hits.

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AudioEppa1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

As someone who doesn't like any car game that isn't named burnout paradise, I was genuinely surprised by this game and how much fun I'm having on it currently. In this game I actually care to win races do to thhir very cheesy live action footage used for the story within the game. Now I'm not finished yet, but I can say a few things that could make it better, I wish they would flush out the story a lot better and go deeper by making a dedicated campaign away from always online.

I feel like there's never been a good story game themed around cars and and this game has displayed the most potential I've ever seen. It knows it's cheesy, yet, it still takes itself serious like the first two F&F movies.

I mean we're always going to get car games, and I know that in the past they've attempt to tell a story, but Idk, there's just something about with ghost game did here that just clicks with potential, given the right direction.