The Crew Wild Run Hits The Road Today With All New Vehicles & Enhanced Graphics

Today, Ubisoft announced that The Crew Wild Run, the expansion to the action-driving MMO The Crew, is available worldwide for download from November 17th and will be available in stores on November 19th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. Starting today all players of The Crew will experience a free update including updated graphics, new lighting effects, redesigned areas adapted for all types of vehicles and the all-new weather system.

In The Crew Wild Run, players will hit the road with four new vehicle types created to test their driving skills and push the limits of the road: dragsters, designed to reach incredible top speeds; drift cars that demonstrate impressive control; unstoppable monster trucks that can perform dangerous backflips and insane jumps; and a range of agile motorcycles geared to take on the fastest cars on- and off-road.

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shloobmm31098d ago

It's nice to know that they didn't lock the enhanced graphics behind the DLC and made it available to all Crew owners. Props to Ubisoft for that.

USMC_POLICE1098d ago

It's quite fun I think the also tweaked the handling, it's an awesome game now

Skate-AK1098d ago

They did tweak the handling. I already customized my handling so I wonder if I should go back to default handling. Just finished the update so I am going to play some soon.

uth111097d ago

The handling is definitely tweaked, some of the races are too easy now

twiggytree121097d ago

I just bought this today, does anyone know if you have to make it to a certain point in the game to access the bikes and all the other stuff that comes with the wild run?

uth111097d ago

The bike dealer is in St Louis, I think. You might have to unlock that region first

twiggytree121097d ago

Much appreciated, bubble for helpful!

GHOSTxx4201097d ago

So is this game finally worth the money? Ive always wanted it but held out due to everyone telling me it wasnt a good game..

Aenea1097d ago

I've had fun with it for a while!

After finishing the story missions and trying to get parts for most of the car types it became a chore to do all those mini events to be able to get the parts, pfft, that was just boring in the end...

uth111097d ago

I was in the same boat as you when it came out. Everyone was saying it sucked, but it looked like lots of fun to me, so I bought it day one.

I had loads of fun with it!

I'm not sure what I think about the ñew graphics yet. A lot of things look better, but not everything. The old graphics set an atmosphere in certain areas of the map that is lost with the new graphics