Hashimoto: FFXIII will be delivered globally in a "fresh state"

VG247: Speaking in the latest issue of UK mag Play, Square Enix corporate executive Shinji Hashimoto has said that the company is working hard on delivering FFXIII in a "fresh" state to international audiences and that he's excited that localisation for the title won't be as pronounced as normal for a Final Fantasy game.

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robotnik3780d ago

as longs as they dont delay the PS3 version I'm good, this means that Europeans players won't have to wait too much, but SE really suck at making promises.

Lumbo3780d ago

I disagree, they are very good at MAKING promises. What they suck at is keeping them.

soul899er3780d ago

Word. it wouldnt be fair that they hold back the PS3 version so that the 360 can catch up, i could care less about 360 owners and 360 can care less about my opinion, but you know what? i want to play XIII, and if it means importing then so be it

VsAssassin3780d ago

SE is good at promises, but they don't keep them entirely. I wouldn't be surprised if FFVs13 will also go multiplat. For me, they can pretty much do what they want now. I learned that, in gaming, there's no such thing as keeping promises.

Real Gambler3780d ago

"fresh" may also mean, we are redoing the whole thing so both versions look the same. And that's scary. I really hope they are not pulling stuff out so it fit on only one or two dvds...

Idonthatejustcreate3780d ago

If "Fresh" means GTA IV all over again then count me out!

thesummerofgeorge3780d ago

If SE does delay the Ps3 version for such a ridiculously long time, putting their main audience and loyal fans (and the Final Fantasy series clearly has some of the most loyal fans out there) second to a completely new audience and platform they haven't even begun development on, I won't have much faith left in the company... I hope they make the right call and release the game when it's ready. I don't have a problem with them deciding to port it to the 360, but the Ps3 version should no matter what get first priority... You don't turn your back on your main fanbase to maybe gain a new one.

snakebite363780d ago

I already read in an interview that they are delaying the ps3 version so that they can release both versions at the same time. that sucks.

sumfood4u3779d ago

Square Enix yur walking on thin ice to yur loyal fans! U make us wait for an International version an well think less of you but enjoy the beautiful gsme! Where the Damn playable Demo i want to get my practice on NOW!

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stealthy-guy3780d ago

i guess we'll have to wait til both english versions are done.hope the japan one will have subtitles,so i can import.

meepmoopmeep3779d ago

i hope that as well, but i doubt they would include English subs

Lucreto3780d ago

This was stated before it went multiplatform SE said that it was going to be release at the same time in all regions but afterwards they changed it to Europe and US.

tako20003780d ago

Wait, I remember they said they gonna release FFv13 worldwide like MGS4 after E3(but before their private party). They may try this method on FF13

if that's true then JP version will need to wait for other version to be finished, which means 2~3 months (if they haul ass) of delay...

um~guess we can play "all the other" good titles and finished them way ahead of FF13 release!

meepmoopmeep3779d ago

yeah, i remember SE saying they were aiming for a WW release, now it seems they couldn't keep that promise. :(

NoxiousD3780d ago

Square Enix eat my cornhole sell out son of beaches....and yeah im mad for a reason and you guys will find out what they did in a few days....

LarVanian3780d ago

If FFvs13 goes multi-plat then SE are 360 fanboys without a doubt!
Reasons why
-Star Ocean 4 is for some unknown reason a 360 exclusive
-Last Remnant is 360-timed exclusive
-Infinite Undiscovery is another 360 exclusive
-Bringing FF13 to the 360
-Possibility of FFvs13 coming to 360 now

Whats next? Kingdom Hearts 3 being a 360 exclusive?

NoxiousD3780d ago

I got word from very very reliable friend... ALOT of 13 has been cut in the japanese version, they cut entire cinemas and cut entire story lines to accomidate the 360 version. But this is just a rumor. That is why i have not posted it in any news or anything....YET and to stop ps3 users from importing the title, they have taken out the english subtitles....

LarVanian3780d ago

Great thanks a lot Square! Making the PS3 version sh!t to suit the f*ckin' 360 version.
FF13 could have been the next 10/10 game like GTAIV and MGS4!

PirateThom3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

This game had potential to be amazing, using Blu-ray to its fullest, but if that's true, now it's going to be a mess. If true, good job, Square Enix, you have ruined one of gamings premier series.

I'll wait for this to be official... that said, we'll probably never know if it is or not.

Edit: Actually scrap that, I don't even blame Microsoft, it's Square Enix and Square Enix alone.

juuken3780d ago

If that is true...then I am not buying the game.
I'll wait for Versus, because that would be absolute BULLSH*T.

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