EA doesn't want to make video games directly from movies, talks Star Wars future

EA may want to iterate further in the franchise, but their goal isn't to just create games identically about the films themselves.

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TheCommentator1125d ago

EA owns Bioware. Bioware made KOTOR. Can EA and Bioware pleeeeease make KOTOR 3?

luckytrouble1125d ago

I'd love a KOTOR 3 or even a Jade Empire 2.

raWfodog1125d ago

I wish they'd give the green light for 1313. I want some Boba Fett action.

gangsta_red1125d ago

They would now have to go through Disney and Disney would have to approve the story. That to me would be the biggest obstacle for anyone trying to make a new Star Wars game with a story.

_-EDMIX-_1125d ago

lol. Bioware is confirmed to be working on a new IP, also confirmed to be working on a Star Wars title, I think tis extremely likely its KOTOR 3, I see zero reason for it not to be as the next rumor is Visceral's Star Wars game might be an RPG, so even if they had deep story based RPG for that game, it would leave Bioware to make their KOTOR 3 title.

So I imagine KOTOR 3 has already started development.

1125d ago
_-EDMIX-_1125d ago

"Bioware is confirmed to be working on a new IP"

" also confirmed to be working on a Star Wars title,"

It was actually confirmed the day EA announced the deal that DICE, Bioware and Visceral was confirmed to be making Star Wars titles..

"DICE and Visceral will produce new games, joining the BioWare team which continues to develop for the Star Wars franchise"

Mind you during the day this was announced, many didn't know if EA was referring to SWOTOR or a new Star Wars ...

They stated specially "all new stories".

Mind you, I stated it was merely a "rumor" that Visceral's Star Wars title would be a RPG as I have no clue if that was ever confirmed and pretty sure its still a rumor.

As I stated "I imagine KOTOR 3 has already started" and its "likely its KOTOR 3" never that it 100% was, for all I know its not KOTOR 3.

Nothing I actually said was some sort of lie lol

I stated what was a rumor, what you stated was not only a lie, you kept acting like it was some fact and you had "proof" lol. It being KOTOR is like I stated..."likely". That is my opinion, not a fact, but is is a fact the teams mentioned are making Star Wars titles. I know its a rumor that the title is KOTOR 3 because I stated it myself....I'm not even sure what your mad at as I'm legit telling you its a rumor lol, I'm not passing it off like fact like you seem to do many, many times.

lol smh sad.

Nodoze1125d ago

They WERE making it...but then EA got all greedy and said hey lets make it an MMO. The rest is history.

The most expensive game in history to develop and it flopped...HARD. Went free to play in no time at all and continues to putter along.

_-EDMIX-_1125d ago

??? What? No, that isn't even what happened. Bioware confirmed it was due to LucasArts.

John Stafford a developer stated it was due to Lucasarts having trouble. People even try to blame 1313 on EA same with Battlefront 3...

EA had nothing to do with those games going under, as this was before they had anything to do with the IP.

So please, stop spreading misinformation. The game has more of a chance to get done now, then when it was under me.

Xavior_Reigns1125d ago

As awesome as that would be, keep in mind the current state of EA compared to back then. Also Bioware is nowhere near the epic quality developer they were back then as well, thus KOTOR3 would suck.

SegaGamer1125d ago

EA getting their hands on one of the best Star Wars game series would be a disaster, just look at Battlefront.

3-4-51125d ago

I'm pretty sure a Star Wars RPG is already in the works.

Most likely to line up with Episode 8. ( not story, but release timing)

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Summons751125d ago

Well that's a good thing. Game tie ins to movie never turn out good. Get Bioware to make KOTOR 3 or do a reboot/proper remaster and also please get someone to make a Republic Commando 2 picking up the cliff hanger the first left us with as well as a proper sequel to Jedi Academy or even a reboot because that game was so great but the sequel was dreadful and had nothing to do with the first.

Nodoze1125d ago

I simply do not understand why there has not been another Republic Commando title. Use the Clone Wars animation series as a backdrop timeline and story wise and make the game true to that look and it would be SPECTACULAR!

instead we have nothing...

Summons751125d ago

With how bad Clone Wars was, I'll pass.

Nodoze1122d ago

You are in the minority with respect to the animated series. The story telling (especially in seasons 5 and 6) was spectacular. It was better than the movies by a long shot.

_-EDMIX-_1125d ago

Well Bioware is confirmed to be making a Star Wars title..who knows, could be KOTOR 3.

Soldierone1125d ago

Honestly KOTOR3 would probably sell more units than Battlefront. Battlefront was exciting to get back (sadly it didn't live up to the hype), but it'd be hard for Bioware to screw up KOTOR.

People love good Star Wars stories and KOTOR is a way to go.

Then EA can perhaps give the shooter idea to Respawn (Titanfall) and let them make Republic Commando, or something similar. No need for Battlefront to make a return for several years, so let those two games fill in the gaps.

_-EDMIX-_1125d ago

I don't really know about all that. its a great game series, but the first 2 titles only did about 1 million units. But that was well over 10 years ago. I think with Mass Effect like appeal, they can push huge millions, I don't know if they can push Battlefront numbers though.

EA doesn't own ReSpawn so that is kinda unlikely, it could happen if EA buys them, but I'm not to sure on that.

I don't know how it did on PC, either, just know it couldn't have been huge millions compared to what Battlefront will likely bring.

Even the first 2 BFs did huge numbers compared to KOTOR, but that was again 10 years ago and KOTOR 3 could be huge but even in comparison to Mass Effect, its still small in terms of numbers. Mass Effect as a series is at 10 million, so about 3 or so million each ,to even say KOTOR 3 would double those numbers, would still mean its selling less then a Battlefront as EA is projecting this game to do 14 million, after seeing its pre-order rankings on several retailers sites, its very likely it may actually get those sales.

Business speculation aside, I wonder if they will do KOTOR based on it being of the old republic and not any of the new stuff. They could be like KOTNR or Knights Of The New Republic lolz But Bioware is confirmed to be making Star Wars title and I think its clear its likely to be KOTOR ,at least KOTOR in nature, a spiritual successor if you will.

Soldierone1125d ago

Forgot EA doesn't own Respawn. Their gameplay for titanfall is just awesome though and would transition well to a Star Wars title like Commando. It'd feel totally different than a DICE title too.

I think KOTOR will have massive numbers. The industry has grown, plus it probably won't be exclusive anymore. It's also worth noting Star Wars is super hot right now (Thus Battlefront selling well no matter what) and it will continue to be hot for a few years. When KOTOR released the appeal wasn't so hot thanks to the prequels. Plus if they get approval for the story to be part of the universe then it becomes even more enticing.