PS4 vs Xbox One: Which System You Should Buy This Friday

GGG writes about which system, both on sale for $299 with at least one game, you should pick up over the other this Black Friday.

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Foehammer1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

How about the one that allows you to play ALL the big holiday releases?

Fallout 4
Halo 5
Forza 6

And, of course, the one with FREE Backwards Compatibility, really great for ppl moving to a new console and still loving their previous gen library.


Yes, I assumed we were talking about currently available games, I won't make another list but Quantum Break, Scalebound, Forza Horizon 2, the next Gears (to new a few), all make 2016 look like another great year for gaming.

Kingthrash3601094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

No, septic had it correct. The one you want.
Holiday releases means nothing...its the games you want no matter when they released...
Both systems have had great games come out the past 2 years so I suggest you look for the system that has what you want in all...not just in a season. You'll never go wrong if you ignore hype and actually get what you want.

Also you made a suggestion for all systems...halo forza TR are for xbox.. you can get battlefront, and fallout 4 on ps4 and free TRUE and more BC games with the confusing.

Septic1094d ago

Or the one that will allow you to play:

Uncharted 4
No Mans Sky
The Last Guardian

It all depends on your tastes.

1094d ago
GoodnessGreatness1093d ago

Meh, Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, The Last of Us 2 (possibly), Horizon, etc, beats those games out. And I don't need BC if I already played countless of games on my PS3 and that system has triple the exclusive games compared to Xbox 360 anyway lol.

lowkey100111093d ago

Yes I for one love the new backwards compatibility and playing some of my favorite last gen games like fallout 3,mass effect and dungeon siege 3. Only a matter of time before skyrim added I have all the dlc for it to :)

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AngelicIceDiamond1094d ago

Yeah depends on what you want really. And the kinda AAA exclusives you're more into.

As long as you're having fun gaming thats all that matters.

Volkama1093d ago

The one that I want?

You are the one I want
Ooo-ooo-oooo, honey

Fro_xoxo1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

another one....

as a man who already owns the XO. I might just capitalize on getting a PS4 whilst all the deals are happening.

If you're starting afresh, you might have a tough choice to make.


VforVideogames1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

That's true last year PS4 was a clear choice (hey I jump on the hype train too and no AAA titles for 2 years), This year XBO takes the cake.

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sammarshall1021094d ago

The one that you can play Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5 and Forza 6 right now on

Next year depending on how Uncharted 4, and a few other games pan out i might add a PS4

Malphite1094d ago

Huh? If you are choosing a platform I'd recommend looking at the whole lineup of games not only the games that came out recenty. Also I'd look at the upcoming games as well. There is no clear winner here as both consoles have a good lineup.

sammarshall1021094d ago

I already have Xbox One and I'd suggest someone looking to buy a new console to get it based on its library so far

Kingthrash3601094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

Playstation has over 600 games in store, not including psnow 200+ games 52 of the 600 are free games....Xbox has 322 games total add bc 150 (rounded up) you you still have less. So yeah library would damage your argument too..
It should be get what you want not get what library size didn't ps4 has the bigger library of games and has the bigger upcoming games too. So if you like the exclusives on xbox get a Xbox if you like the exclusives on ps4 get a ps4.. but make sure you research and get what you want. I wont even get into power and performance because that's a whole other can of worms. I'll just say they cost the same and get what you want...if unsure then research, or get the one your friends have....something but don't go off industry lit hype.
Consoles should be looked at buy not only what fames it has but what games are coming in the future and all three consoles have great games coming...get the one you are attracted too most.

Black0ut1094d ago

That's a lot of words to say 'PS4 because it has 600 games and I prefer it'.

Simply put, chose the platform which appeals most to you and don't let anyone decide for you.

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Spotie1093d ago

Objectively, based on library alone, you should be recommending a PS4, followed by a Wii U, which has full BC with the Wii. Obviously, if you prefer certain series that aren't available on those consoles, you go with the one that DOES have them.

But if you're suggesting a console to a gamer that doesn't have such preferences, that just likes to game, it's hard to argue against a console that's bordering on twice the size of the competition's, especially when a few legends will be gracing it that just aren't assured to be releasing elsewhere, as well.

freshslicepizza1093d ago

your suggestions actually fit the pc platform more so than any console. steam has more active users than any of the consoles, the pc has a larger library than any of the consoles, the pc also has the ability to carry over previous bought games to new pc's.

thanks for the suggestion.

Death1094d ago

What if you want to play Bloodbourne, Until Dawn or Dragon Quest Heroes? I'm with Septic, buy the console you want on Black Friday if you haven't jumped into the current gen yet. Both offer great games and features. At $299 it's a great time to become a multi-platform gamer too.

mokkeyrg21094d ago

both if you can afford it , if 1 then xbox one for sure!

Aenea1093d ago

both if you can afford it, if 1 then get the 1 that has the most games that appeal to you...

mokkeyrg21093d ago

y so much disagrees....its factual, the hates strong here

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