EA: Not everyone will go casual gaming, what will come after PS4 & Xbox One?

The PS4 and Xbox One have injected new life into a previously lifeless market and it makes folks within the industry wonder what will come next.

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Neonridr975d ago

my guess is a PS5 and another Xbox.


Yes sir ps5 and xbox next.

SolidStoner974d ago

lol, how funny.. casual gaming :D lmao... it depends on the gamer not platform.. I know so many "casual" gamers on any platform...

Mad Aizen974d ago

A world without consoles, will be the day the world ceases to exist for me. Dramatic I know, but you get my drift.

FallenAngel1984975d ago

Pardon me, when was the gaming market ever lifeless? The industry was pretty much alive and thriving before the PS4 and XO arrived

SaveMeJebus974d ago

XO is my face a few hours after eating spicy food.

traumadisaster974d ago

2010 peak, 2011 drop, 2012 big drop. Where were you?

FallenAngel1984974d ago

There were plenty of titles to play in all those years, where were you

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asmith2306974d ago

A PS5 and an XboxOneTwo are inevitable. The console market is alive and well.

gamer7804974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

both selling better than before, of course they'll make new ones. Imagining a world with just phone games is frightening.

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The story is too old to be commented.