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Rumor: Dead Rising confirmed for the PS3?

On comment #121 of the official Playstation Blog, John Diamonon replys to a comment talking about Dead Rising for the PS3, stating "You haven't seen the last of Dead Rising." Could this be an unofficial announcement that Dead Rising is indeed coming to the PS3?

While many know Capcom supports multiplatform games and has a Dead Rising Wii version coming soon, can this only mean that its coming to the PS3 also? (Dead Rising, PS3)

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toughNAME  +   2362d ago
I don't think this is a very good game: http://www.n4g.com/Reviews/...
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Spydiggity  +   2362d ago
How can it be a "rumor" and "confirmed" at the same time?
mikeslemonade  +   2362d ago
This game sucks. PS3 owners don't deserve to play such a terrible game. Just make Dead Rising 2 mutliplatform. Capcom stop being money whores and think about the gamer sometimes.
gambare  +   2362d ago
ok... toughName, you said before that DR was a great title, but now that there is a chance for it to be on the PS3 it suddenly becomes a mediocre title? you had that opinion change about Bioshock btw

@1.2- be careful, not everyone can understand sarcasm
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MazzingerZ  +   2362d ago
It's not a good game and today it feels even more outdated...who cares about old games when you have on the horizon amazing games like LBP, R2, Killzone2 , Motostorm:PR, Valkyrie Chronicles, Wipeout HD, SOCOM: C, inFAMOUS etc, etc?
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Milky  +   2362d ago
Maybe they are making it into a blu-ray film like every other game company
MikeGdaGod  +   2362d ago
Dead Rising is one of two of the exclusive games i really liked when i had a 360. Dead Rising and Gears......and when get another 360 thats what i'll be playing.

as far as this, i'm hoping for sequel on ps3
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kinggeoff  +   2362d ago
better be a sequel with online coop

the first game was amazing. Ppl probably got pissed because it kicked their asses. It was great zombie killing fun. Not many games can match its weapon selection either.
Dannagar  +   2362d ago
Dead Rising is my favorite game this generation. I'm 1 achievement away from getting all the achievements. If Dead Rising does come to PS3, it would be fantastic news for PS3 owners. I may consider buying a PS3 version for trophies.
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MorganX  +   2361d ago
This is good. Sony waking up?
It's my favorite game on Xbox. Even over Gears. (this doesn't not count XBLA Games)

I was never able to shoot down the Helicopter and get that Achievement though.

I'll buy DR2 on PS3 (as long as it has trophies) and I would also buy DR1 for a second time to complete it on PS3.
TheDude2dot0  +   2361d ago
It's a fun game. Would be a good PSN title.
2pac-untouchable  +   2362d ago
why am i not surprised..........
badz149  +   2362d ago
is a Wii version, so there must be PS3 version lurking somewhere in the corner waiting for conformation! it's more or less a common sense!
mfwahwah  +   2362d ago
Then again, there was a quote by the devs saying they wouldn't mind working on Dead Rising 2. Maybe that's what he was actually reffering to
militant07  +   2362d ago
that rumoer is stupid and if they gona work on ps3 version will take about 1 year or 2 that mean 2010 ? silly
he said you havent see last of dead rising
its mean you didnt see the last dead rising , there is still 2 or more !
f789790  +   2361d ago
A PS3 version would make more money than a Wii version
I doubt many kids or senior citizens will want to bash zombies heads in.
Rob0g0rilla  +   2362d ago
I hope it's not the first one
Hopefully it's Dead Rising 2.
ash_divine  +   2362d ago
saw my brother play the first game, was not impressed. a sequel could be cool though.
Jerkapotamus  +   2362d ago
I think that's more likely.
It seems like it's been too long for a port. It seems like it's about time for Dead Rising 2, and it would make sense that it's multiplatform.
rbanke  +   2362d ago
Agreed. It does seem more likley that at this point, it would simply be Dead Rising 2 for the 360 & ps3. Works for me
2pac-untouchable  +   2362d ago
sounds kool
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El_Colombiano  +   2362d ago
Oh my God, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be true! This is the only reason I wanted a 360. Its like the best game exclusive to the Xbox!!! The Wii version is an entity by itself.
Asurastrike  +   2362d ago
I own a PS3, I love Dead Rising on 360.
clintos59  +   2362d ago
Capcom needs to stop beating around the bush with these old a$$ ports and...
Hurry up and bring another Sequal of Onimusha or Okami. Stop bringing us old crap we already played on the 360 and show some real love by bringing an exclusive Onimusha or Okami Sequal.
juuken  +   2362d ago
Onimusha FTW.
I agree with you.
DiabloRising  +   2362d ago
It would be multiplatform.

Most franchises will be from now on.
mfwahwah  +   2362d ago
^so? A next gen Onimusha would be amazing!
clintos59  +   2361d ago
And your point is? Doesnt matter if it is multiplatform to me, im just saing bring out any of these 2 titles since they were successful from the ps2. :P
Cenobia  +   2362d ago
Am I missing something? I don't see anything about Dead Rising at the link. They say its a surprise for Street Fighter fans. How does that equal Dead Rising?
Forbidden_Darkness  +   2362d ago
look at comment #121
Cenobia  +   2362d ago
Ah, I see. Guess I should start reading the descriptions.

Still, that isn't quite a confirmation of anything. I wouldn't be surprised though, since it has already made a jump to the Wii.
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kydrice  +   2362d ago
I only have a PS3 and yes I envy the 360 for Dead Rising I do not care how old it is I want it!!!
ash_divine  +   2362d ago
really?...... why?
Dead Rising was not that great, wouldn't you whether have Star Ocean 4? that's the game I wish would go multi.
DarkBlade  +   2362d ago
who said that Star Ocean 4 is not Multiplaform, because at MS E3 confress i didn't see the words 360 exclusive. I'll would be Shocked if Star Ocean 4 isn't announced for Ps3 at TGS.

@Below and In R5 they only use guns. Don't get me wrong guns are cool but swing a sword around is pretty awesome.
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kydrice  +   2362d ago
Because I like to kill zombies...oh and don't say Resident Evil because they are not zombies anymore they're parasites and parasites suck.
mistertwoturbo  +   2362d ago
It takes a specific kind of humor to like dead rising. I for one loved it.
GameDev  +   2362d ago
I would buy the first one on PS3
if they let Sony go and optimize the game for the cell, in fact the premise of mall with THOUSANDS of dead zombies is the perfect showcase for the cell processor. Imagine a 1000 zombies really coming after you instead of just being window dressing like they are on the failbox360.
fufotrufo  +   2362d ago
and then ..you woke up hahaha
Bangladesh  +   2362d ago
If it's not Dead Rising 2, I couldn't give a rat's a**. Dead Rising is a 2 yr old game, that I have already played.
Pain  +   2362d ago
id buy from bargain bin..
but not full price for a 2 year old XBOX 2 port.
MorganX  +   2361d ago
I bought the first one in the bargain bin - Platinum Hit. Didn't know it was so good. I would have paid full price if I knew it was as good as it turned out to be. Sucks until you figure out how to make your weapons last and I could live without the timerz and poor save mechanics.
fufotrufo  +   2362d ago
I think it means a sequel or something ..
Draperc  +   2362d ago
Dead rising and gears of war were the only two things that could persuade me to get an xbox 360, gears of war is on the PC, and if dead rising really is coming to the ps3 (I have some doubts though, since I've seen many "X game is coming to Y console" rumors which proved to be false) then there won't be any reason for me to get an xbox 360.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2362d ago
I can confirm it's true...

...because if it's not true...

...I will hurt myself.
Draperc  +   2362d ago
I can understand being a little let down if it's not true, but actually hurting yourself cause it's not coming to the ps3? no offense, but you've got some issues to work out, hurting yourself over a game is just......crazy....
DarkBlade  +   2362d ago
@ Draperc
Tell that to the kid that wanted to kill himself because FF13 went to 360. LOL
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Draperc  +   2362d ago
@ 11.2
I remember that, whenever i read about people like that I'm tempted to call Murdoch and tell them one of their suicidal patients escaped. (yeah, i know, I'm going to hell for this comment, just go ahead and give me the disagrees :P)
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2361d ago
It was in reference to that, actually.
Whoooop  +   2362d ago

Does the 360 has any exclusives left???
Draperc  +   2362d ago
Besides halo 3 and viva pinata? (only ones I can think of at the moment)
Doesn't look like it to me.
Bladestar  +   2362d ago
Capcom is a multiplatform developer... why should this game be any different... though the game was somewhat successful on the xbox 360... I don't think is a game microsoft should be paying for exclusivity... let it be on the PS3... I think it would be dumb for any 3rd party developer to limit their potential fanbase by making their strong franchises for 1 console when they can make lots of money and expanding their fanbase across the board... Of course unless Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft make their exclusivity worthwhile... it seems like those days of making games for the winning side are over since it seems like each console will have a big chunk of the game industry and 3rd party ignoring any of it would be a long term mistake... Xbox 360 fans of this IP will not care if the PS3 gets it as long as they get DR2 on the xbox 360...
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ash_divine  +   2362d ago
a good comment, from BLADESTAR of all people. never thought I'd see the day(hope that's not a sign of the apocalypse).

never thought I'd say but I agree, and bubbles.
La Chance  +   2362d ago
tell that to the crybabies who dont understand why FF13 went multiplat.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2361d ago
Maybe Bladestar's mom came downstairs and commented for him...

...just kidding, man.

Great comment! Bubbles 4 you!
avacadosnorkel  +   2362d ago
as long as
it's not a crap port like Lost Planet...because they can keep it if it is. But if they remade it from the ground up for PS3 and eliminated all load screens I would jump on it.
thekingofMA  +   2362d ago
i don't see that happening
i seriously doubt capcom would spend the money to re-build a 2 year old game for a console they still don't know all that well

but do the loading screens really bother you that much? they're about 5 seconds usually...some better changes for a port/sequel would be an easier save system, a less strict time limit, and an easier beginning for those just starting off
Kleptic  +   2362d ago
not sure what version you played dude...but the version I played had at least 30 second loads most of the time...and for sometimes pointless stuff (random spots in the mall, when you die seconds after you load a save, etc.)...

I don't know...I thought the game was fun, but would only recommend it as a rental most likely...It looked like a PS2 game just with tons of enemies on screen imo...and the save system was garbage (it rivaled Resident Evil 1 on teh suck)...
Kleptic  +   2362d ago
its probably related to DR2 being multiplatform...judging how good of a job Capcom did with Lost Planet for the PS3...they can keep DR1...

in fact...Capcom can drop everything they are working on imo and focus entirely on RE5...and then Street Fighter...not a big fan of the series but it does look different at least...
Raoh  +   2362d ago
LOL @ LeonSKennedy4Life
THWIP  +   2362d ago
...talk about jumping to conclusions (or just plain failing at reading comprehension). The poster @ #121 stated he played and loved DR on his 360; the supposed Capcom dev responds "you haven't seen the last of Dead Rising". OMFG...CONFIRMED: DEAD RISING IS COMING TO THE PS3!!!!

LOL...I love the ignorance displayed by some people. :o
ash_divine  +   2362d ago
that's not what comment 121 was saying. that comment was applauding Capcom on their support to the PSN. at the end of the comment, he say's please give US(as in US ps3 owners) a bit of hope on Dead Rising. to that the Capcom dev responds "you haven't seen the last of Dead Rising"

THAT'S! what was said, so maybe you need to work on YOUR reading comprehension.

EDIT: @THWIP, here's the rest of the comment buddy: I CAN SEE YOU'RE GIVIN THE PS3 REAL SUPPORT, and from the PSN size of the things, i must say Wow. 99% of the developers doesn’t give PSN the attention it deserves, I MUST APPLAUSE YOU FOR THAT CAPCOM, AND EVEN SVEM SAYING THAT THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN PLEASE GIVE US A BIT OF HOPE ON DEAD RISING.

so why would Dead Rising on the 360 "never happen" if it's already out? and wouldn't he be asking about DEAD RISING 2 if this really were about the 360?

so who fail's at life?
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THWIP  +   2362d ago
...you fail at life. Here's the quote "... i’m REALLY happy with Capcom, even Dead Rising still(my fav next-gen title) only on Xbox 360"

How can you NOT understand that this guy played DR on the 360? That's the ONLY platform he COULD'VE played it on, for it to be his "fav next-gen title". The dev simply meant, "if you liked DR, you'll love DR2". PERIOD.
power of Green  +   2362d ago
They'll keep doing this, I agree the PS3 fans are acting up once again.

I like #10's classic response: "Dead rising and gears of war were the only two things that could persuade me to get an xbox 360"

Give me a break, dude would have already owned the 360 if that were true.
Draperc  +   2362d ago
@ power of green
The main reasons why I held off on getting a 360 is because the only games I do want that are on the 360 have ended up on another console or the PC. If it were the other way around (MGS4 was exclusive to the 360, and other up coming games I'm interested in are 360 exclusive.) then yeah, I would've bought a 360 a long time ago, but I chose the console that has more games that appeal to me the most. The 360, although a pretty good console, nearly any game I can get for it except for maybe halo 3 and a few others, I can get on the ps3 or PC.
renanbianchi  +   2362d ago
uhn.... i don't have a 360.
avacadosnorkel  +   2362d ago
what the guy meant was
Sony pictures probably bought the rights to the movie.

You know, Dawn of the Dead
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AcidHorse  +   2362d ago
Very cool.
I am not the biggest Dead Rising fan though. Game was fun, kinda like Yakuza, but with zombies and hi-res textures.
N4M3L355  +   2362d ago
Hehe...hold up
Read the response to comment #124.

Related video
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ash_divine  +   2362d ago
ok after reading 124
I realized it's not as much a confirmation, as it is a "you never know" kinda thing. thanks for spotting that comment Namele... I mean N4M3L355 :)
#22.1 (Edited 2362d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Forbidden_Darkness  +   2362d ago
Of course he cant actually confirm it, only tease us about it ;)
Xheratuul  +   2362d ago
if this comes out on ps3, the 360 will be left for dead
Mausenheimmer  +   2362d ago
That's right. All the PS3 needs to defeat the 360 is to get a port of a game that came out two years ago on the 360. Surely this two year old port that may or may not exist shall be the crushing blow to the console with a ridiculously large game library.
CrizzleC24  +   2361d ago
Bubble to thee' Mausen
that truely was the best reply to the worst comment since Victor-E's "no microsoft in hnadhelds comment.

Here's his quote,


or the motifake

TheDude2dot0  +   2361d ago
All three of those comments are stupid. Dead Rising is a good game, but it's too old to come out now, or at least as a PSN title.

And 4.1 and 4.2 seem to be making love to each other or something. 4.1's comment was not a funny/clever response at all, and you were advertising your lame jokes about another comment that was clearly trolling.

I have drawn the conclusion that you three are idiots. You all have 1 post to redeem yourself.
Solbadguy  +   2362d ago
This time
make the survivors you rescue not be complete retards.
#24 (Edited 2362d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
iownbothps360  +   2362d ago
THWIP  +   2362d ago
Agree 100%
That's the most logical comment made in this thread, so far. LOLWTF? O_o
kingofps3  +   2362d ago
Dead Rising with trophy support be nice! lol
big shadow  +   2362d ago
dead rising 2 please
psycho360  +   2362d ago
I think you guys are better off getting the sequel than DR1 since that one had issues mentioned numerous times in reveiws unless of course they do a good job of fixing them. Anyway the game you guys should want from them is Ace Combat 6.

As for DR2, i hope they make it more gritty and with gears like graphics and gore :D
bioshock  +   2362d ago
who wants it man
its a 2 year old game,and who knws how they gonna port it...i have played it though, its the second game i liked on 360 after gears...
VMAN_01  +   2362d ago
Dead Rising would be perfect, IF they don't do a shoddy Lost Planet type port AND they include a better save system AND most of all CO-OP.
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