I played Little Big Planet today, pics & impressions.

"So today I was at the Edinburgh Interactive Festivals and there was 4 booths of LBP goodness where you could play.

I stood and watched as one of the graphic designers from Media Molecule showed me around the games features. He firstly showed me how to customize your Sackboy, there is so many options here.. Hair..face..eyes..mouth..nose..feet honestly you can change anything on your Sackboy, he turned Sackboy into this paper thin post-it note kind of thing, it was the first time I'd seen that so it was pretty cool. Also there was the helghast costume and the kratos one!!"

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PoSTedUP3774d ago

wow, im going to have so much fun with this game!

LBP= second most anticipated game this year.

socom/morotstorm2= tied for first!

yall want beef then bring the RUCKUS! P-S-3 aint nothing to F(_)CK W!TH!

Milky3774d ago

It has Bubblewrap !!!

Bangadoshish3774d ago

Nothing but the truth in your post!

TheDude2dot03773d ago

I'm so excited for Little Big Planet!

But I tried explaining it to my cousin and dad and they made fun of me for wanting a game about dolls.

It made me sad.

zo6_lover273774d ago

Lucky bastard, gets to play LBP before me.

The Lazy One3774d ago

go to big festivals n stuff. Places like state fairs n stuff. I got to play LBP at summerfest in Milwaukee. I'm not sure if there's a site that lists places their gonna be, but it's worth a google.

zo6_lover273774d ago

That last picture looked like it could be an actual SackBoy, either that or that game has some kickass graphics

NextGen Exempt3774d ago

Kickass graphics ;)

I really like the artstyle in LBP. It just adds to the personality of the game on so many levels.

Bangadoshish3774d ago

The music is marvelous as well!

LevDog3774d ago

The funny thing is.. This game is getting better previews and more hype then the soo called "Heavy Hitters" on any console..

The more I read the more I want this game.. Ima SoCrack addict, so getting me away from socom is gonna be tough.. but the way this is looking.. It might just do the job.. I mite actually have to split time with the 2..

I dont know where Im gonna fit in R2 and Bioshock

Is it me or is it just awesome to own a Ps3 :)

mfwahwah3773d ago

You think you have it tough? I'm getting those games and then some lol.

This fall sucks for gaming... but only because there aren't enough hours in the day!

Danielson3773d ago

that's why theirs also the night. Yay for no sleep!!

KBDuB3773d ago

Yea, but unfortunately, some people hafta hold a job to pay some bills. =(

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3774d ago

Good video!!! ;-D They should do a Sack-boy one, Smashing up the xBox 360!!! ;-D

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;-P

PLAYSTATION®3規格ソフトウェアのゲー ム 中にXMB™

jif863774d ago


Bangadoshish3774d ago

Bubbles to Bill Gates and every one else!!!!!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3774d ago

Hope there is a Demo on PSN??? Just one minute one will do!!! ;-D
Just want to play it ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-P

Bubbles for the Loyal PlayStation Fans on this;)

+xBox 360 will get 'LittleBigNOTHING'!!! to play with!!! ;-D

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