Anti-Aliased: Do you actually want to play the game anymore?

With the advent of custom interfaces, it seems that many people would rather have the game play itself than take the time to actually work things out. At the worst, people would rather pay to be able to "skip" through the game; thank you RMT. So, the key question around here remains: "Does anyone actually want to play anymore?"

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Shankle3781d ago

I don't think this guy gets it. WoW is dull. That's why people will pay other people to play it for them. That's why it's like a second job.

Idonthatejustcreate3781d ago

Not every one is playing wow like him. Some are power lvling and need guides to get the best result possible. That's not sitting and watching as someone is playing your game, your simply getting more out of your gaming than just sitting back and wasting time just because you have time to waste doing everything in a mindless state of grinding.

People play games different and thats the difference between the hardcore players who wants to get to lvl 70 as fast as possible so they can raid and play with thier high lvl friends and casual players that enjoy the game from 1-70 more than the other stuff.