Famitsu confirms that Nine is playable in BlazBlue CentralFiction

Keith: When Arc System Works announced the next chapter of the BlazBlue, BlazBlue: CentralFiction, they also announced several new characters. However there seemed to be conflicts regarding the last character, Nine, if she would be available in the game as a playable character. However, Famitsu has confirmed that Nine is indeed playable after all.

The title is rumored for an eventual PS3 or PS4 port after it's initial arcade release.

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DivineAssault 1123d ago

Dang! another?? I love the game but make a true sequel.. Guilty gear xrd needs more characters than blaz blue

NovusTerminus1122d ago

Central Fiction is the 4th main installment in this franchise. And Guilty Gear came back with a low budget, they are working on it again.

ZaWarudo1123d ago

It's about damn time! Now put in Jubei so we can have all the heroes in the roster.