With One Announcement Blizzard Injected Two Totally New Ideas into MOBAs

Mike Stubbs: "Blizzard’s annual fan party / convention / eSports event, Blizzcon, took place this past weekend, and as ever it kicked off with an announcement packed opening ceremony. Developers of each of the major Blizzard titles walked out on stage to receive a hero’s reception and announce some cool new stuff. Having only launched earlier this year, many expected the Heroes of the Storm portion of the keynote to be fairly light on new announcements, yet with one announcement Blizzard managed to rock the entire MOBA world by introducing two totally new concepts to the genre."

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S2Killinit977d ago

Pretty cool idea. You gotta love Blizzard.

HexxedAvenger977d ago

It plays really fun too. xD

No_Pantaloons977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

"Cho’Gall isn’t actually playable just yet in the public version"

Actually he IS. He was released yesterday, and is being passed around like crazy.