SPOnG Interviews Industry Leader, Chris Deering

Amid the hustle, bustle, ice cream and sun (with a few game developers thrown in) that made up this year's Develop Conference SPOnG was lucky enough to speak with Chris Deering.

While Mr Deering is someone of whom you can accurately say 'he needs little introduction', they're going to give you one. Currently he sits on the boards of Codemasters (as chairman), IGA Worldwide, Playspan, Wayfinder Systems, the Edinburgh Interactive Festival (again as chairman) and (most importantly in the case of this interview) Geomerics.

Geomerics, if you haven't come across it, produces Enlighten, an in-game lighting tool that simulates the real way in which light bounces from surface to surface to make games look... well, really damn pretty.

Oh, and Mr Deering also acted as president and CEO of a little company called Sony Computer Entertainment Europe from 1995-2005. Yeah. That guy.

Read on for an interview that spans everything from Geomerics to the inter-connected future of gaming...

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