Madden 09's Classic Madden Mode previews the Classic Madden mode of Madden 09. If you enjoyed the Genesis (Mega Drive) Madden games, then this one is for you.

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name3781d ago

Hope you can play like that online.

DarkSniper3781d ago

This version of Madden was undoubtedly the inferior port. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System had clearly sharper visuals and crisp sound, and responsive controls. Sega was heavily criticized for their three button controls, false advertising(Blast Processing), and blips and beeps for sound effects and soundscores.

EA already made a gigantic mistake by snubbing Nintendo of the original nostalgic greatness of true John Madden Football. SNES is clearly the 16-bit console of the 90's.


Skadoosh3781d ago

Your an idiot.