Driveclub Bikes Review - Two Wheels are Just as Fun as Four in this Expansion Pack | COG

COG Writes: Although playable as a standalone game, Driveclub Bikes is even better when played with the original game; regardless, you'll have fun either way.

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MRBIGCAT1097d ago

This looks much better than RIDE. That is for sure.

Yi-Long1097d ago

Plus just today (here in Europe at least) 2 new bikes were added, for free, as well as a new tour for your cars.

GrapesOfRaf1097d ago

PS4 needs a really solid racing game. Driveclub isn't bad, but they lost a lot of users when they screwed up the launch. Bikes sound fun though.

Digital_Anomaly1097d ago

They have made a lot of improvements at least since release. It wasn't really all that good initially.

WickedLester1097d ago

2 million + copies sold says otherwise. Evolution has improved this game exponentially since the launch and the bikes are a fantastic addition to the game.

twiggytree121096d ago

Not to mention they announced the 2m+ sales BEFORE the ps+ edition launched!