Zombi to get boxed release for PC, PS4, Xbox One

Zombi's recent PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version will get a physical release on 21st January 2016, Ubisoft has announced.

The developer's London-set survival horror originally launched alongside the Wii U and made good use of that console's touchscreen GamePad controller.

Fast forward a few years and Ubisoft unearthed the game for a relaunch on other platforms this summer.

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Spenok1096d ago

This is very upsetting... as I JUST bought it on PSN. Very upsetting. I prefer physical copies every time. Ugh.

SolidGear31096d ago

Awesome. Happy I didn't get the digital version yet for PS4 :3

muzikjunkie801096d ago

i bought the digital version for ps4 when it was in the Halloween sale for just under £10. good game tbh well worth the £15 :)

TWB1096d ago

Pretty cool. I'll probably pick it up finally.