Nintendo NX “doomed before it launches” without key third-party support

Games industry analyst Michael Pachter has said that third-party support is vital to the success of Nintendo’s next home console.

Writing in a column published by SIFTD (and then reported by Nintendo Insider), the Wedbush analyst said that the NX would be ‘doomed’ from the off if it fails to get other publishers on board.

"If Nintendo gets the same level of support for NX that it got for the Wii U, it's doomed before it launches," he predicted.

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Neonridr1100d ago

for once I agree with this clown...

UKmilitia1099d ago

was just going to type the exact same thing.

this is prob the first time i have ever agreed with this idiot.

Hoffmann1099d ago

He was right a few times though.

"Yeah, I do too, and I mean, 5 or 10 million units, yes, but not 30 million units, not 50 million, they’re not going to catch up. But they won’t go third party, so the answer to your question is, no, I don’t think they’ll go third party. "

Kingthrash3601099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Captain obvious
All it takes is a quick look at the wiiu library. Or dare i say the vita.. while I love both devices if wiiu had the support of 3rd party then it would have made more money...hell, if it had more 1st party support it would do better too...I mean still no metriod? No Zelda (yet after almost 4 years) and the vita no long getting 1st party...and never got the same 3rd and 1st party support that the psp got. No gow, no gta, alot of it's best games were launch games. yeah 3rd party support is very important for success.

DiscoKid1099d ago

I thought Nintendo was already doomed? Oh wait right it was just another case of anal withdrawal.

Captain Obvious is rolling in his grave.

The 10th Rider1099d ago


It's three years, not four. Other than that I'm pretty much in agreement. It's got some great game and, at times, askme pretty great first party support. The big issue is that that great support is then followed by long gaps...and there isn't tbird partty to fill those gaps

migh_and_highty1099d ago

@Hoffman, they kinda have... kinda, gone third party, with mobile, something a couple years they flat out denied to do

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AizenSosuke1099d ago

This clown actually can make more than one good comment a year.

Spenok1099d ago

How can you NOT agree with this assessment? If anyone said otherwise they'd be..... well traditional Michael Pachter xD

cannon88001099d ago

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

3-4-51099d ago

* Nintendo & Square Enix have a good working relationship again now.

* Final Fantasy Explorers 3DS
* Dragon Quest 7 & 8 3DS
* Bravely Default + Bravely Second
* Dragon Quest 11
* Cloud in Smash Brothers.

It was also rumored that DQ11 is coming to NX, but Square couldn't announce it because any games for NX need to wait for Nintendo to announce them.

* Basically Nintendo has Square Enix support, and if they get that + other RPG support = NX will sell consoles.

* Pokemon, Dragon Quest , Mario, Zelda will all sell the NX as will other games.

The 3rd party support will be there, I don't think Nintendo had a choice this time.

They have 3rd party support for the 3DS so it's not like companies don't like Nintendo.

kupomogli1099d ago

Pachter is only pointing out the obvious.

Imo, even with third party support at launch, the NX is doomed to fail unless it's both a handheld console hybrid. Nintendo no longer has the casual milfs they had with the Wii. The only people sure to go to it are the 10 million Nintendo fans and multiconsole owners that currently own a Wii U who will make the jump over, but who else? The PS4 and Xbox One will have been out on the market for three years by the time of the NX launch and a lot of people already have their console and don't buy multiple consoles. With the amount of games and support the PS4 already has, most people will jump towards that rather than the NX which is just getting off the ground, friends will buy consoles that their friends have to play with them.

Most importantly is the third party support, which will drop the moment the Nintendo fanbase doesn't support them. Third party devs are supporting you, if you want to keep getting support then you better do the same. Since it's not going to happen, meaning the money isn't there, then the support is going to drop quick. Even the Wii who sold 100 million consoles didn't get much third party support outside of shovelware because the fanbase didn't support them.

Traceskipper1098d ago

Nintendo been doomed since announcing the wii u. Only thing keeping them alive is large cash reserve and almost no debt but whats the point? They have no future haha.

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Hoffmann1099d ago

Nintendo would have to get as much third party support as back in their Super Nintendo times to be really back on track as a leader or at least on the 2nd position.

When more or less all major third party series ranging from A like Assassins Creed to D like Dooooooooooooooooooom(ed),F like Fallout, G like Grand Theft Auto, M like Mortal Kombat or S like Street Fighter are only happening on other platforms you just have a big problem to establish yourself anymore.

Nintendo games are great but they cover only so few different game genres and audiences.

LOL_WUT1099d ago

Well said! I've been saying this for the longest Nintendo needs to keep 3rd parties in mind so they can get support from them in order to stay relevant. If Nintendo doesnt want to venture into other genres other than platformers then they must have 3rd party support plain and simple. ;)

Psytrix1099d ago

Good on Pachter for "predicting" something every smelly gamer with a bag of Doritos was already well aware of.

Hoffmann1099d ago

A lot of smelly Nintendo fans would disagree though and say they only buy their Nintendo console for Nintendo games anyway and don't care for the "third party trash that can stay on the xboxes and Playstations"

Psytrix1099d ago

Well they need to take a shower and smell the soap.

Savsky1099d ago

Most people think Xbox, PS, or PC fanboys are the worst. I believe Nintendo fanboys are the worst. They have the most blind loyalty to their consoles and don't know what else is out there in the gaming world.

The 10th Rider1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Well, to be fair, if it was third party support at the cost of sacrificing what makes the console unique, it could harm them. It'd be nothing more than a direct competitor to the Xbox one and ps4. With the public perception they have now, I'm not surw that's a bout they could win.

They need to find a way to bring in third party support without compromising on what makes Nintendo Nintendo

DivineAssault 1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that! This dude is a joke.. Now if nintendo doesnt make the right decisions with this console, they'd be just as retarded.. I think they know what to do this time.. I have faith in them to deliver but im not sure about the online features.. Im hoping they learn from not only their mistakes but the others mistakes too.. Go into that huge money pile and build us another powerful legendary system like the SNES.. PS, for the love of all things holy, REMOVE region locking! Its 2015 going on 2016 damnit!!

iNFAMOUZ11099d ago

nothing this guy says is ever true, and if it comes out true its pure luck, i dont even know how this guy has a job, america for you