Fallout 4 & Other Lessons on Interior Design

Alex from GamersFTW writes:

“I’m very happy Bethesda included this settlement system. While it’s not the most advanced, complex building system around, it’s a wonderful addition - a testament to their attention to detail. It’s not perfect though, the snap-together prefabs can be more finicky than a Ravensburger puzzle piece, and their limitations are, more often than not, made apparent.”

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Yukes1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

I really need to get around to picking up Fallout 4 as seemingly 90% of the gaming community has done. In all honesty, though, I'm worried about how it will take over my life. Not due to the scavenging, or the exploring, or the character interaction, nor the killing stuff. It will be the building....

Good article!

c00lvilKid691123d ago

I must have completed 1% of the game so far. The scavenging for building materials is just too tempting. I’m always in need of that next generator, or bed, or table, or heavy machine gun turret. It’s ruining my life...

Simco8761123d ago

Play at your own pace, you have plenty of time before DLC comes out. No rush man, I'm playing maybe 5-6 hours a week, and that's nothing compared to most....still having a blast.

joedom1123d ago

This is the great thing about Bethesda games. There's no one way to play them, and it's so relaxing.

c00lvilKid691123d ago

A bit too relaxing, perhaps? It’s quite easy to sink hours in to their games =P

lordmiffter1123d ago

Darling you can sooooo increase the feng shui energy with a pair of Brahmin heads.

1noobgamer1123d ago

I have to get Fallout 4!