PSN Black Friday Deals Listed With Lots of PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Games Ready to Go on Sale

Black Friday is traditionally a very American thing, but in recent years companies in the UK and Europe have embraced the event to drive a few extra sales and get shoppers opening their wallets more than they would if it was just called “Friday”.

Sony is no different in that respect, and it’ll be tempting gamers with some lucrative deals this coming Black Friday.

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Team89er1038d ago

this news would be 10 fold better if they announce for US instead, but it didnt happen

ironcrow23861038d ago

to be fair you guys get more stuff and more often than not get stuff early so maybe its time us brits get some nice luxuries for once

captainexplosion1038d ago

You have castles, beautiful buildings, low crime, universal health care, practically no gun violence, better education, less racism, less wealth discrepancy, and you are in close vicinity to other awesome places. You Brits have it too good.

franwex1038d ago

@captainexplosion, I'm not super patriotic or anything but damn dude. Stuff aint that bad here either. You can probably sneak over there and pretend to be a refugee.

lipton1011038d ago

Well captain, that's the best comment I've read in a month. Bubbles. I'm even going to give bubbles to your 3 comments prior as well. So true. So true..,

1038d ago
1038d ago
jznrpg1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

I agree and I am from the u.s.

Bathyj1037d ago

Captain, you should come to Australia. Twice as far, hotter and without all that pesky culture. ;P

ravinash1037d ago

Lets see what the prices are first before I get excited.

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DivineAssault 1038d ago

He's right, the US usually gets stuff 1st which is stupid.. The entire western region should have simultaneous launches..

NewAgeisHere1038d ago

They don't announce for 3rd world countries like USA:)


Your comment would be 10 fold better if you said "US also" but you had to say "US instead".

kupomogli1037d ago (Edited 1037d ago )

Maybe he meant "us" and accidentally capitalized it? "Us" could be anywhere.

Muzikguy1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

Typical US "holier than thou" attitude. Makes me sad to live here at times :/

I suppose every country can have that but some seem more prevalent than others

Edit: I would like to see articles come out and say the country to save from clicking and finding out its not in the US. That would be nice. (Comments told me though so it's all good)

MASTER_RAIDEN1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

the guy was just saying he wishes some of these deals were in his psn store. how does that imply a "holier than thou" sentiment?
I hate when betas from the US intentionally disrespect where they live as a way to look cool or be "accepted" on the internet. it doesnt make you look well-rounded and no one respects you more because you do it.

Muzikguy1035d ago

Well because "this news would be 10 fold better if they announce for US instead, but it didnt happen" sounds a lot like "it has nothing to do for me, so it's not important." Or can't you see that? Doesn't matter, you think you're cool by calling me out thinking I'm trying to be cool but you look like you're doing what you're saying I do.

It doesn't make you look well rounded and no one respects you more because you do it.

Lol. I'm very well rounded thank you.

theatticusera1037d ago

@captainexplosion yeah, except this is about video games. No one mentioned anything else. There's no need to have castle envy.

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Livecustoms1038d ago

Just read the list, to say im disappointed is an understatement...

RosweeSon1038d ago

Same old same old. Walking dead 1/2... Again ;(

chrish19901038d ago

There's still a couple of weeks to go, so maybe more games will be added?

ginsunuva1038d ago

Surprise: Most games this gen suck and there aren't that many to begin with!

1038d ago
Darkfist1038d ago

hope they add more to the list

MannGamer1038d ago

Is it just me or have Sony deals been looking less and less attractive lately?
Well the good side of this is that I will have time to finish the games on my backlog. It will probably take a while cause most of those games are RPGs.

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