Microsoft's Long Game: Inside Quantum Break's Challenging Development


"We've shared our hands-on impressions of Quantum Break's gameplay, but now we want to reverse time a bit and talk about how the game came to be. While visiting Remedy Entertainment's studio in Espoo, Finland for our December cover story, we spoke with the team about how Quantum Break evolved from an idea in Alan Wake into a full-blown Microsoft exclusive."

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Rute1125d ago

Go Finland! We lost Nokia but we still have Remedy and rye bread to keep us living.

showtimefolks1125d ago

I think this has less to do with Ms and more to do with remedy. They are known for long development cycles

Ms as a publishers have been extremely supportive

ninsigma1125d ago

Yeah well done on ms for giving them the time they needed instead of rushing it out. I can understand why they were lenient because quantum is their big brand new IP so they want it the best it can be. Remedy also did a good job on Alan wake last gen so they have a positive track record so all the more reason to give them breathing room.

ghostface91125d ago

ya im also very glad they helped them get the budget for the tv side. You know microsoft was pulling the strings to get some of those big name actors for the game

ScorpiusX1125d ago

Remedy/MS need to take their time with this awesome exclusive and not rush anything having to with it .

S2Killinit1125d ago

Its been so long in development. At this point i wouldn't call it taking their time. They should release it already before it looses any steam. Im normally all for developer taking its time to deliver a proper game, but we've known QB since start of the generation. Im worried that people will forget about it and the hype will die down sort of like the Division.

ninsigma1125d ago

Division hype has truelly been extinguished for me at this point so I get what you're saying. I think qb has that last little bit of hype left for it to do well but if it got delayed again then forget about it.

Julion07151125d ago

Once it release everyone will pick it up its one of those game that truly pushes innovation with things never seen done before in a video game I'm curious to see how it will all unfold. With remedy and ms behind I'm sure it will be great

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