Edge: Genre Wars: This Year's Biggest Shooters

Publishers make their sales predictions by looking closely at the biggest competitor games in their sector. Comparative genre data is king as they set their retail pitches, marketing efforts and even release dates.

Edge takes a look at each of the major genres and compares the games most likely to be leaders over the next six months. Beginning with the big-ticket daddy of them all - shooters (which we'll define as anything where the primary interaction with the environment is firing a projectile). We've broken our list into sub-sections - traditional shhoters, hybrid shooters and retro shooters. Games are ranked according to, what we feel, is a title's market-power, sales potential and likely critical impact.

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Dr Pepper3658d ago

I can't wait for Clear Sky, it is my most anticipated shooter this year. The first had amazing AI and atmosphere, and it will be cool to see it taken to the next level (along with all the other great aspects of SoC).

MURKERR3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

cant see beyond them two for 2008, 2009 now thats a different story killzone has to live up to its hype coz people are ready to bash this game at the slightest and i do mean slightest flaw due to the fact its a sony 1st party exclusivewhy do i say this....

coz ive been playing uncharted recently again for the trophies and im sorry graphically i still think its the best outthere yes i include metal gear in that, and all those reviewers who gave it uncharted an 8 i now can confirm it was because it was a sony exclusive and the trend back then was to downplay any positive for the ps3.

uncharted is a 9+ game easily with graphics still unrivalled

dwjohnson0112113658d ago

Gears of War 2 is going to be absolutely KILLER.

Kleptic3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )


a good quote in the Resistance 2 description too..."It has direct competition in the form of Gears of War 2, but these two exclusives co-existed in 2006, and they’ll do so again now. Pity for everyone else that tries to hang with them, though"...

Dr Pepper3657d ago

It is kind of disappointing the little amount of attention Clear Sky seems to be getting from the gaming community (seeing as how it's coming out in less than a month). Anybody else looking forward to it?

Product3657d ago


The Hardcore only care about blockbuster hits,as sad as that sounds.These are the people who go see Batman when they should be renting Brazil.

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