EA on VR: "We'll really wait and see how big the market is going to be"

Blake Jorgensen compares small initial user numbers to Wii and PS Vita.

Electronic Arts' chief financial officer has suggested that the publisher is showing caution when it comes to virtual reality, citing user numbers.

"There's some challenges still and I think the biggest challenge is just the size of the market. We don't make games anymore for the Wii or the Wii U because the market is not big enough, the PS Vita - the Sony product - we don't make games for that anymore because the market is too small, so it's all about the size of the market," said Blake Jorgensen during the UBS Global Technology Conference.

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TLG19911121d ago

if indie devs can make some amazing VR games why can't the money bags of EA fund a small studio to make something for them? what a cop out.

_-EDMIX-_1121d ago

lol, I think if they want to make a big impact on VR, the only want to do it if they feel its a sure thing. EA might have a lot of money, but they can't just make huge risk.

I'm sure they will actually make a VR title too. I'd rather have them wait, then only make a VR title just to jump on the bandwagan.

Septic1121d ago

I agree (and it scares me)

Angeljuice1120d ago


That's a real trailblazing attitude /s. If everyone took the "wait and see" view to new things, nothing would ever change.

Time for a publisher with balls to steal a march I think.

_-EDMIX-_1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

@Angel- your right, but they can't also jump into with an assumption of success. I've sided with VR since OR and PS VR's announcement and I'm still saying EA and many are in the right to play a wait and see.

Not saying don't make content, merely make it when the investment is more financially sound. I'd rather they focus on that then jump into it with no game plan just to capitalize on new hardware and early adopters.

Would it not hurt them more if they rushed into it with a bad game? Only to be remembered as a company that made a bad VR title? Smaller teams have the advantage of not being known, where with EA and other big publishers, there is this expectation of something AAA and I think it might the best of they wait til they can produce that vs entering the market just because.

I only want VR titles that actually have reasons to be VR titles other then banking on new comers.. if they are not sure, I'll rather take that then bandwagon jumping.

pompombrum1121d ago

Lol they'll probably sell VR experience DLC for their existing games.. if anyone had the audacity to go down that path, it would definitely be EA.

_-EDMIX-_1121d ago

To look up, you would just see dollar signs, you haven't paid enough to earn the SKY!

Date view distance DLC.

ABizzel11120d ago

Gamers on EA: "We'll really wait and see how long it takes for EA to develop a good game this generation..."

Gamers on EA: "We'll really wait and see how long it takes for EA to stop nickeling and dimeing gamers with overpriced DLC.......we'll probably all die first."

Gamers on EA: "We'll really wait and see if anyone can possibly top EA this generation on the stupid developer / publisher has some competition for once this gen."

DivineAssault 1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

To hell with EA.. Theres nothing beyond bioware titles they can offer me personally.. Sure a dead space game would be pretty cool on it but lets be honest here, theyre the worst game company in the world.. Microtransactions and dlc are what they want for future games..

I hope Ubisoft comes up with a killer IP using his tech so EA can kick themselves in the rear.. There are much better companies that will make great software for it.. Theyre only interested in cash ins instead of taking a slight risk with something

jujubee881120d ago

They want to wait for tons of hw to be sold and to see which of their fans have vr, so they can milk them on a new platform but under their terms.

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Jdoki1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

"We'll really wait and see how big the market is going to be"

That's got to be the worst sentence anyone coming to market with VR hardware wants to hear.

It's a self-defeating argument... If the big players don't come to the market (because they're waiting to see how big it gets), then the market doesn't get big enough and the hardware dies a slow lingering death.

I'm not saying VR is going to suffer this fate, but the history of add-on peripherals does not have a good track record.

It could also be good news. If EA is waiting to see what happens, it gives smaller publishers / developers chance to become the big players in VR. VR really only needs a handful of killer-apps to make it big.

For me, VR has always been something I really wished for in video gaming - but it wouldn't surprise if the combination of cost and support keeps it as a niche product.

freshslicepizza1120d ago

first off peripherals don't have a 1-1 ratio which makes it rather difficult to track and monitor of who is actually going to buy games. has sony ever released any real numbers for the camera? has sony ever released numbers for playstation move controllers?

the other problem is you don't have every console that has vr which again limits the potential for sales. and to make matters worse psvr is going to come mid-life of the ps4. consoles only have a shelf life on average of 5-6 years. last generation was an anomaly. i do think one day vr will be popular enough to sell aaa games to but that is likely to be a few years from now.

_-EDMIX-_1120d ago

"the other problem is you don't have every console that has vr which again limits the potential for sales"

Nope. That is just the opposite. What is a person with VR that didn't even buy it for VR? They want to know the install base WANTS VR, in fact having EVERYONE have VR vs having PS VR be something separate actually cause a questionable install base. Developer are not sure how many who have VR actually use or want it.

With a solid number of sales from PS VR, they are able to know exactly who owns its vs it being forced in.

PS Move did something like 15 million too btw, likely more as those numbers are old. You also don't know if PS VR will continue on PS5.

Of course VR's success over time will be years from now, steps. Its going to take time, we didn't just have real time everything early in the PS1, we do now. Its good that its getting any solid start at all.

fOrlOnhOpe571120d ago

Best thing about VR is that it's not just about full games. A whole range of experiences eg deep sea diving, space walks, haunted houses, roller coasters can all be created and implemented as VR experiences. The sky is the limit really.

jb2271120d ago

And that is exactly what I hope for out of the tech. I'd love to have huge console gaming experiences on VR, but I'm personally just as excited for the unique experiences that indie games will offer, and for the experiences like sky diving & rock climbing. If they released something like that at around a $15 price point that could be just as fun if not moreso than a good movie night at the house w/ family & friends. I think people are missing the point in a lot of instances when they see VR as a singular experience...there's a lot of potential for some great social fun w/ VR right along w/ those immersive solo experiences. Can't wait to actually try one out myself.

nitrogav1120d ago

C'mon EA I want a Battlefield VR announced, finger's crossed!!

DivineAssault 1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

Screw EA.. I dont even remember the last time i bought a game from them.. Mass Effect 3 to complete the trilogy possibly.. Im not buying star wars or anything else unless bioware is developing it.. They only want sure ways to leech money from customers through various dlc and microtransactions now..

Sony should stick with their own and have japanese companies makes games for this.. I wouldnt mind mirrors edge or a dead space game using PSVR but EA only wants cash ins which is one of the many reasons theyre the worst gaming company in the world..

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