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Star Wars Battlefront is like Heroin, and EA is the unscrupulous dealer. We have been given a taste of the drug, and we like it, and we are predictably left longing for more. EA are all too happy to take advantage of this, slapping a premium price on both the vanilla build of the game and the Season Pass. Like a typical street thug, EA don't give a damn about our well being or about being fair, all they care about is making money. With Star Wars Battlefront, they will leave our pockets empty.

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GENWire1096d ago

Very disappointing to see this review, but hope more will change after a few updates and season pass provides more content in the coming months.

GearSkiN1096d ago

I wanna play it but it's obvious the a mounth of content you can tell are being save for a season pass...

1096d ago
jamstorr861096d ago

the problem is that unless we stop buying the DLC, publishers like EA will continue to use this method of milking us gamers for all our cash. Such a shame, as this game could have been awesome.

1096d ago
Nodoze1096d ago

EA has their Destiny cash cow, and they are holding our nostalgia hostage. Too bad that DICE is being prevented from providing their full vision for this title by EA's ridiculous pay walls and DLC release schedules.

I am not biting. A life long Star Wars fan and I am out. I will not support these practices.