10° - SoulCalibur IV Review writes:

"Back in 1999, the original SoulCalibur was the reason numerous gamers purchased the Sega Dreamcast. I spent a lot of time with SoulCalibur. I even spent a month playing the classic weapon oriented fighter just before Namco Bandai's SoulCalibur IV arrived. The sequels debuted during the waning years of the fighting genre and thus I merely dabbled into them. Fortunately, those dark days are coming to an end and fighting games are making a triumphant return this year. SoulCalibur IV is amongst the first out of the gate, but would the fourth installment of this revered 3D fighter make a lasting impression? Or will it be more of the same? We know online support is included, but does it work? Simple answer: Yes, it's all that and a bit more."

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