EA Building Assassin's Creed-Style Action Game

Following EA Studios boss Patrick Soderlund's statement last month that the company wanted to expand into the GTA, Assassin's Creed-style "gigantic action" genre, CFO Blake Jorgensen has now confirmed that work is already underway in this department. Speaking today at the UBS Global Technology Conference in San Francisco, Jorgensen said Jade Raymond, veteran producer of the Assassin's Creed franchise for Ubisoft, joined EA in part to help the company move into the action genre.

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AngelicIceDiamond1127d ago

AC like game lol why not something new entirely. TBH I wouldn't mind a stealth action ninja game actually.

nX1127d ago

These big publishers have become the worst, you would think that they have the money to bring this industry forward and instead they copy successful franchises just to have their own cash cow. Then they turn it into an annual series with an increasing amount of microtransactions and DLC every year. probably by cutting content during development. Amazing what we've come to...

Bimkoblerutso1127d ago

Haha, maybe I'm just being cynical, but am I the only one that interpreted this as "we would like to have our own redundant cash cow that we can re-release annually?"

segmentnext1127d ago

Yeah. I was also thinking that... exactly.

HaydenJameSmith1127d ago

To be fair... "AC like" is very vague but I agree I think games will eventually run out of ideas, it happens in movies all the time. That's why I love new Ip's like Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break or Horizon: Zero Dawn. All these games look fresh and interesting to me...

_-EDMIX-_1127d ago

I agree, but even the games you stated still borrow lots of concepts from other titles. When focusing on a set genre, you are going to have staple features.

Is SunSet not like Infamous or Prototype, is Quantum break not like Singularity or even Life Is Strange? Is Horizon Zero Dawn not like Witcher or even Fallout in terms of crafting items in a large rpg world?

I'm not saying those games are not original, merely that they still follow a set of foundation rules of how they will convey certain concepts, them altering this in terms of story, setting etc is what matters in terms of how its applied (in which makes them original in the first place)

HaydenJameSmith1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Yes but I still feel like there doing enough to set themselves apart. But yes they still follow the same foundation of games in their genres... it's becoming increasingly difficult for developers to come up with new ideas and thats why I appreciate games like SSO, QB and HZD that are at least trying to approach these genres in a new way.

_-EDMIX-_1124d ago

Sorry for the late reply.

I agree that its great that we have developers trying to set themselves apart. I don't know if I can say its harder for developers to be creative. I would say we have more opportunity for independent and crowd funded development to where that shouldn't be a huge issue any longer, in terms of having support of new ideas.

No Man Sky, Ark evolve, Wild, Dreams, Sea Of Thieves, The Witness, Splatoon, Adrift, or even The Division in terms of MMO rpg tps type deal.

I feel we might be over looking great original concepts as many keep asking for this from the industry, when we get new concepts and ideas literally every single year.

We don't have many MMO, 3rd person, RPG open world post apocalyptic games out there, I feel many are writing off many games a bit too fast. Its why I stated I'm not really too sure on it being any more difficult come up with an original idea then any other time really as they still have to compete, making games isn't easy.

We can state there might be a lack of originality, but what evidence actually supports that in a sea of new IP and new concepts? Can we really say there could be more? What if this is as much a we realistically would get?

Kickstarter is allowing for any developer with a great idea, funding to make just that. No longer does someone need to make a game for a publisher and dumb it down and make it less original for sales. If they really want it with all its original concepts in tact, they have options now compared to generations ago. But agreed, I appreciate those that are making those new IP and those publishers for even letting them make a new concept in the first place!

_-EDMIX-_1127d ago

Cool, Diamond has the inside scoop! When did you play it?

asadachi1127d ago

It does seem that way. No one comes up with new ideas these days, they just rehash popular themes.

PhucSeeker1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Shadow of Mordor was like that but with an original twist which was the Nemesis System. So let's wait and see before passing the game as not having its own originality.

For me, AC games have been sh!t ever since they introduced the auto-parkour system. Really looking forward to this one.

Ken851127d ago

He's talking about a genre not a type of game. He says he wants to make a GTA, Assassins creed type game. Read the whole thing please.

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WiredX1127d ago

A stealth action type game would be great if you ask me!

Letsplayhalo1127d ago

Another AC game?!!? MEH. MEH. MEH. MEH.

1127d ago
SilverClock1127d ago

As long as they don't kill of the protagonist.

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