Xbox One Backwards Compatibility is Region Free

Segmentnext - Xbox One is now a region free Xbox 360. This means that stackable games, that have region specific versions, can be played on an Xbox One from any region. Feel free to play Japanese versions of Gears of War 2, Just Cause 2 etc.

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slasaru011125d ago

It's very good! However I tried my most anticipated game Borderlands and it has very bad lag. I hope they fix that, it's game breaking

thrust1125d ago

It fine here :/ and my friends are ok aswell maybe you done something wrong?

iistuii1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

If it's like Gears 3 it's not everyone. It's strange how this is happening, but some people are fine, others it's not smooth, someone mentioned making sure everything is turned off in background? Maybe start console & go straight on it to see if that's it. But my Gears is fine, my pals is unplayable & maybe borderlands is the same, it's very strange.