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Battlefront can provide an amazing Star Wars experience but at times the game does not understand what it needs to do with itself.

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SpaceRanger1096d ago

This game is a solid 9/10.

Glad I'll be enjoying this while everyone continues to complain (:

twister751096d ago (Edited 1096d ago ) complaints here..anyway I had preordered at once after playing the Beta..

Satyre281096d ago

72 Metacritic does not make it a 9/10. Majority of reviews are 7s the game was highly overrated, its not competitive at all, very slow paced, and gets boring after an hour of playing. The sales will be good only because it has the name "Star Wars".

kraenk121095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Why can't you accept that different opinions mean the game can of course be a 9/10 for some?!

1096d ago
Hoffmann1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

This comment is a solid 9/10.

Glad I'll be enjoying my comment while everyone continues to complain (:

Bahamut1095d ago

Your opinion is the minority here, I think it's safe to say that the game is painfully mediocre due to its lack of content. Maybe in 2 years, when the entire game is released in a single package for a reasonable price, then... maybe then, it'll be a solid 8.5

But an online-only shooter doesn't deserve a 9/10... I'm sorry, it just doesn't. And I LOVE Star Wars and absolutely can't wait to see the new movie. Maybe Bioware will get around to making a KOTOR 3 one day, and give us the Star Wars game we've been waiting for, but sadly, Battlefront isn't it.

_-EDMIX-_1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

"Your opinion is the minority here"

"here" is not the entire world bud.

This same site that was bashing the Fallout series only to have it do 12 million in 1 day.

"But an online-only shooter doesn't deserve a 9/10"

Dumbest comment I've heard in a while. So Single player only titles don't deserve a 9/10 huh?

Consider your basically say that. Its based on preference. If you like SP, that is something that is a value to you and the rating is on if its a good SP game.

If you like MP, the rating is based on if its a good MULTIPLAYER GAME!

Thats it, your basically saying titles like Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike, Planetside, Team Fortress etc don't deserve high scores. want a KOTOR 3? LMFAO! Sooooo what multiplayer did KOTOR 1 and 2 have?

Is KOTOR NOT a single player RPG? Your basing your rating on games YOU LIKE, thus...your bias from the very start. As someone that plays both multiplayer static titles and single player games, I can tell you they get both rated on their own genre's merits, it isn't this one size fits all bud.

The only team in DICE that does great SP is the team that is right now doing Mirrors Edge. They might as well NOT do a damn SP if it was going to be a waste anyway, you think as a BF fan I LIKE its stupid single player?

Mind you....I'm playing FALLOUT 4 RIGHT NOW, MGSV ONLY SINGLE PLAYER RIGHT NOW! I VALUE BOTH, and I'm telling you, Battlefields single player SUCKS, its BAD its NOT a value to me and I MOSTLY only play single player titles.

But I don't just play crap for the sake of crap, what is a feature from a team that does it badly? Battlefields single players are not Half Life 2, they are not Halo, they are not Bioshock...

I promise you, you where not missing a damn thing by SW BF not having a single player by DICE, their focus is on MP as ALL the previous SW BFs had focus on MP with SP only with bots.

You like Bioware to make KOTOR 3? So do I, but I"m not bashing what SW BF is because KOTOR 3 will be a better single player, I merely accept SW BF is not made for that, just like I don't play a racing game expecting it to be Metal Gear Solid in terms of story...

Rate value based on genre ,stop applying what you think quality is based on your bias views on a genre you clearly don't care for. I love RPGS just as much as you and I'm excited for a KOTOR 3 just as much you are ,really, but I'm not bashing Battlefront for not being that, it was never going to in the first place. JUST like Left 4 Dead was never some how going to be The Last Of Us...respect what the team is making, stop getting mad at the game for not being something else, its like bashing a horror film for not being a romantic comedy. I would never rate a Horror based on me liking Romantic comedies, why would your think lessor of a MP only title based on liking titles like KOTOR? What does that have to do with SW BF? It was never meant to be that, I urge you, before you go on thinking a SP from this team was going to be some second coming....look at the single player from the Battlefield series.

Bahamut1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )


"here is not the entire world bud"

When I said "here", I meant the entire world.
Not this website.

And we're not buds, pal.

And you keep saying I bashed Battlefront.
When did I do that?

I think you're just being crazy-defensive of a game you know is not doing too well right now. I said after the game is completed (2 years from now) it'll probably deserve an 8.5... which is a good score.

_-EDMIX-_1095d ago

"But an online-only shooter doesn't deserve a 9/10"

um ok.

Have fun begging for Mario Kart to be an arena shooter.

kraenk121095d ago

Bioware isn't Bioware anymore so I really hope they don't! EA fucked them up as well.

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HaydenJameSmith1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

"Low map count, repetition creeps in due to less variety."

Low Map count ? It's launching with more maps (and modes) than BF4 or Hardline did... plus it's got 2 free maps on The Battle of Jakku DLC launching when the movie arrives. Plus the maps variate in size depending on the mode.

There is 9 modes in the MP and then there is 3 offline modes. How is that not enough variety ? The modes are different enough to provide variety in your experience.

It can get repetitive but so does a lot of MP Shooters. If this game had a good story mode and Conquest, I gurantee the reviews would be more favorable.

_-EDMIX-_1095d ago

Funny enough. Black Ops 3 is launching with 12 maps...

I don't see anyone stating "low map count" about that game. Mind you, we get 2 free maps so its actually 14.

Sooooooo SW BF after December will have more maps then Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, but lets just keep on with saying it has a "low map count" lol.

I'm so far 100% ok with my purchase and like what I played earlier tonight.

HaydenJameSmith1095d ago

Exactly, no one said BF4 or CoD had a content problem and yet they launched with less maps and modes. All the fuss is cause it doesn't have a campaign which no one plays in shooters hence why they didnt make it to begin with.

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AudioEppa1096d ago

I just got off the game, pretty freaking bad ass and I have never seen any of the movies lol

But damn those are some of the best graphics I see you for a multiplayer, everybody, take note.

All right, goodnight ladies and gentlemen.


Unreal011095d ago

It's funny how people still make a deal out of graphics. I mean, Fallout 4 has pretty average graphics, and it's a fantastic game. I'm loving it, wouldn't trade any of it for better graphics.

AudioEppa1095d ago

It's funny how i still whine about others loving good graphics. I mean, I don't know what I'm talking about, I just thought I would funny to drive by shit post for 'da lolz' and to bring up a game that has nothing to do with the subject. Bcause even after telling mommy that online people are being big meanies to my favorite game that has average graphics, She then told me not waste money on average games and if I wanted to explore a big open world, to go outside :(

Now, was this reply from me necessary? Nope, and I truly don't mean anything I said, I just find it amusing how people have this annoyed stick up their ass about the appreciation of games that display great graphics. Which then turns into the same ol "real gamers" speech about the importance of gameplay an yada yada.

But it's 5 in the morning and I'm giving a somewhat serious reply to a troll face avatar... smh @ myself lmao

Solid_Penguin-641095d ago

I would trade the bugs for better graphics (yes I know that's not how it works) haha

CKPan1095d ago

Low map count, repetition creeps in due to less variety."
Hey!!! don't forget the $50 season pass, that will complete the game!!!

_-EDMIX-_1095d ago

lol "low" map count? Sure bud. 12 isn't low. Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 launched with 12 maps.

Call Of Duty 2 launched with 8 maps 10 years ago, Team Fortress launched with 6, both amazing games. People play games for fun, not for a number count of quantity.

12 is more then enough if its of good quality. I've played more games factually that launched with less content in terms of maps, you'll live.

xasz1095d ago

He's quoting the review.

SynestheticRoar1095d ago

Damn EA turn star wars Battlefront to a bin game. That so sad.

Skankinruby1095d ago

Missed opportunity is right. Could have been so good with a sp campaign, how sad