Sega Supporting Shenmue 3; Interacting With Its Creator Yu Suzuki

It appears that Sega has finally recognized the existence of Shenmue 3, and even talks about supporting the game. The company is currently interacting with creator Yu Suzuki regarding Shenmue.

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Boobgrabber1094d ago

Indeed they need to release the first two before the next chapter comes out. Catch up on some forklift racing!

VER1ON1094d ago

A remaster for these classics would give the younger generation some insights into the world of Shenmue, before heading of to the new Shenmue.

Its this kind of titles that deserve a remake/remaster. Sega would do well to accomplish this above anything else.

Boobgrabber1094d ago

Yes, since they are story base it would be nice to have the back story.

TwoForce1094d ago

Yes ! That's good new !

_-EDMIX-_1094d ago

Oh...OH THANK GOD! Thats good to hear! Hopefully they can see the west wants those titles and they might do a Shenmue 1 and 2 remaster!

TwoForce1094d ago

That would be a big plus for Sega and Yu Suzuki.

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_-EDMIX-_1094d ago

@Fraud- marked for personal attack.

I'm sorry D Fraud but you've stated many times something with no link or evidence to support a claim other then your word solely. That isn't proof, Sega has 100% NEVER confirmed a Shenmue 1 and 2 port, I actually already knew this but was making a point about your post that many times are on assumptions. I've followed news regarding Sega for over a decade now (in terms of closely) and I recall that merely being a rumor.

Your link isn't "proof" it only states being nothing more then a rumor. Its not "obvious" as it either is....or isn't. Its 100% NEVER been confirmed, you own link shows that. Your trying to win something based on confirmation or proof of the existence of a title and they are just rumors that anyone can make up and statements by SEGA merely talking about the game being wanted, not about them being made or anything of the sort.

This has nothing to do with me wanting to "act" any way. Its either factually was being made and SEGA confirmed it......or it didn't. Its more simple then you think. You can state something factually happened, but no link confirms said thing happening. Nothing personal either, just post real facts.

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FallenAngel19841094d ago

I would hope that SEGA would get involved with the revival of one of their most treasured IPs, would seem really weird if they didn't.

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VER1ON1094d ago

After 15 years Suzuki decides to pick up where Sega left off, and now Sega shows interest. It's quite uncalled for. I hope they do well though.

DivineAssault 1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

Man, i forgot about this exclusive PS4.. Theres so many i cant keep track at this point. Especially when considering my Nintendo systems.. This game shouldve been funded by Sega right away because it will surely make money..

Sega needs to stop dragging sonic through the mud and focus on their other IP's..This shouldve been one of them but they just keep force feeding garbage nobody respects anymore.. I HOPE Sega themselves release a HD collection of 1 & 2.. Its possible if the sales from 3 are good enough..

fsdgf1094d ago

Between resurrecting Valkyria Chronicles and this, I'm amazed at the recent amount of common sense Sega are showing.

tiffac0081094d ago

Well Sega still needs to announce a localization for the new Valkyria Chronicle and we do not exactly know what they mean by supporting Shenmue 3 either. So let's not give them too much credit yet. lol!

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