Sega's Hideki Okamura Interview; To Bring Back The Unique Sega Experience

The Japanese Gamesbusiness interviews Sega's former president Hideki Okamura, and talks about bringing back the unique Sega Experience

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Runechaz1100d ago

Humm does that mean new Phantasy Star and Shining force game !!!

Apocalypse Shadow1100d ago

Doubt it. Asking for franchise updates from Sega is like pulling teeth.and not having their top developers from yesteryear doesn't help.

The possibility of getting a new Skies or Arcadia, phantasy star 5,shinobi, streets of rage, outrun,virtual cop,house of the dead and all the greats of previous generations is next to impossible.

But with ffvii and shenmue returning,I guess anything can happen.but I'm not giving my hopes up.

1099d ago
3-4-51099d ago

Sega is great at creating new interesting IPs.

They haven't been the best with maintaining them though.

PhoenixUp1100d ago

Actions, not words. We always hear SEGA executives saying they want to bring the company back to glory, but we don't see enough consistent effort being done. At next there will be an announcement here or there, but not a frequent smogashboard like a fellow third party publisher Square Enix is known to do.

_-EDMIX-_1100d ago

SEGA is now supporting Shenmue 3 and they just announced a sequel to Valkria Chronicles is coming to PS4 as well as a remaster of the first PS3 title.

I don't know why you assumed they where just "saying" this. I think he means they are currently doing it lol

I would call buying Atlus a "consistent effort", heck I would call the Yakuza series success a "consistent effort".

Also SEGA isn't Square, the don't make as much as Square and don't have the same amount of teams as Square so I would state its an unfair comparison.

FallenAngel19841100d ago

That's not fair, his comment was made before SEGA pulled those moves. Lmao

FoxyGotGame1100d ago

I miss the days when it was just Sega, Sony & Nintendo ....

1100d ago