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Giantbomb: It’s hard to not get caught up in the occasional moment in Battlefront if you’re a big Star Wars fan. I loved stalking towards rebels as Darth Vader, force choking them as the Imperial March played. As I played as a Stormtrooper on Tatooine, I stopped for a moment to watch Luke and Vader battle with lightsabers as X-Wings and TIE fighters engaged in a dogfight above them. There’s a whole lot of Star Wars seeping out of every pore of Battlefront, and no amount of forced fan service took away from the fact that some moments in this game reminded me of the many things I love about the film franchise. If the impending release of The Force Awakens has you in the mood for a casual online shooter set in the Star Wars universe, this game can certainly provide that for a dozen or so hours. Battlefront initially checks all of the boxes for being a great Star Wars game, but its limited amount of content and lack of meaningful progression kept me from wanting to return for more than a brief visit.

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phatak1094d ago

loved the beta but still disappointed that there isn't a campaign, still worth checking out when it hits 19.99

hoju691094d ago

For all the hate its getting by critics, me and all my friends that are playing it are all having a blast. Not a excellent game by any means but still a lot of fun to play.

Septic1094d ago

That's the most important thing then. If you lot enjoy it then don't let some scores and opinions from other people put a downer on your falafel.