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It seems that DICE was destined to create a Star Wars Battlefront game. If you know the history, you should be able to appreciate the relationship that DICE has had, indirectly, with the Battlefront franchise. Before Pandemic Studios created the original Star Wars Battlefront in 2004, there was the Star Wars themed Galactic Conquest mod for DICE’s first foray into its ongoing franchise, Battlefield 1942.

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turdburgler10801094d ago

Well at least someone gave it a good review.

showtimefolks1094d ago

someone's EA check cleared lol

more high number revives will come just wait. it's EA most big gaming sites get their yearly budgets from advertisements for EA games so they don't have the guts to give it bad scores

_-EDMIX-_1094d ago

? Buddy why don't you get that others won't have the same view as you?

Fun is not based on fact. Its subjective, some saw the title as a 9, some saw it as a 6.

If we are going to just say all great reviews are do to someone being paid off, you might as well pay no attention to any review ever. Could the bad reviews not be paid off by other publishers too bud?

How is it that your point on a good review, seemly does't apply to a bad one?

Could Ubisoft or Acitvision not paid for bad reviews of this title? lol

Bud, just accept that some will like this game ,regardless of how you feel about it.

Aenea1094d ago

Why is it that when a game gets a good review while most are a bit lower that it automatically means they are paid off? Can't the reviewers have different tastes???

BattleAxe1094d ago

"Star Wars Battlefront Review | Ausgamers 9/10"

No experience gamer alert!

BlackWolf121094d ago

I have worked with the Ausgamers team before, I can guarantee you they are not crooked (paid by EA??) or are they inexperienced gamers.

They are very professional and know their stuff.

_-EDMIX-_1094d ago

Never mind them, most are just butt hurt fanboys that can't accept this is DICE's series now. The same fanboys that kept on with Witcher 3's comparisons to other titles, only to have said titles eclipse Witcher 3 in sales in a single day.

The reality is, this site isn't the entire world, many on here who don't like the game, have been stating this since it was first announced, but the reality is, MOST like what they played as MOST pre-ordered after that Beta....

Some can't just accept that others like this game. If their claims were legitimate, wouldn't the sales support such claims of it being inferior? I mean.. consider millions got to play its beta and many got to play it as early access on XONE.

At this point, if it really, REALLY that bad, its numbers will reflect that. I think some haters are in for a shock as N4G doesn't equal the world...

1094d ago