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Gamespot: If nothing else, Star Wars Battlefront is an exercise in pure spectacle, laid out in all of its neon glory. I can't help but smile when the Boba Fett guns down three fighters in a row from his Slave I ship, or a snowspeeder careens past with flames trailing in its wake. The first 10 hours are packed with these moments, and it's worth playing just to watch them unfold.

But Battlefront doesn't go much deeper than its ambitious surface appeal. It front loads its best content, only to fade in quality as the hours roll by. Star Wars Battlefront's skin is beautiful, but its legs are shaking, and threaten to buckle with time.

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dreadz741122d ago

Wow Starwars is getting lukewarm reviews just about to order the PC version now I dunno .

UltraNova1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Not too hot, not too cold but not just right either! hehe


I played the open beta a while back for 3 or 4 hrs. Graphics were good, no great, sound was awesome but the gameplay was so boring after the 1st hr I simply kept on it for a bit more and just deleted it.

Now after reading this well written review, might I add, I'm sure this game will be have 10% of people who bought it, online within a month. Its gonna get pretty dry down there I tell ya!

AND there's no true SP mode! A cannon Star Wars game with no SP, what a wasted opportunity.

IAmLee1121d ago

"Something, Something, Dark Side!"

Erik73571121d ago

From what I'm getting from reviews, it looks pretty but its gameplay is basic and lacking in content

Kribwalker1121d ago


That was my experience with it playing on access over the weekend

Crimzon1121d ago

It's fascinating to see how level-headed people are when a multiplatform game gets a review like this from GameSpot, compared to when an exclusive game gets a review like this.

If only people could apply this same rationalization of criticism across the board, rather than frothing at the mouth with rage when an exclusive game is subject to similar criticisms and scores.

Ray_moondo1121d ago

Got to try it on EA Access. Other than the lack of content, my biggest complaint is that it doesn't really look to the other Battlefronts for inspiration. Playing with heroes is stiff and doesn't feel as powerful. The class system is gone which. I get that change happens, I just wish they just would've made the old battlefronts but bigger and better. Just feels like a typical EA shooter, nothing special

skratchy1121d ago

Hey, same temperature as the inside of a Tauntaun.

SonyWarrior1121d ago

i think they made it basic like that so they can sucker people into the paid DLC

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Black0ut1122d ago

Looks like it is but honestly if you can try it before you buy it (i.e. EA Access) then that's the way to go. Shouldn't always fully rely on reviews, just take them into consideration.

The game is really fun but I'm on the fence about paying a full $60 usd for it...

JackBNimble1121d ago

Well up here in Canada it's $80 like most games, so with that price I have become very picky about what games I buy. I will wait to pick this up , if ever .

samden1121d ago

keep an eye out for sales on dealzon, I know GMG had pre-release prices around $45. I'm sure we can see something like that again in a few weeks when sales start to slow down.

_-EDMIX-_1122d ago

Why don't you actually based that on if you have fun with it bud? You telling me you could legit easily be this swayed? People....if you like it, buy it. Simple.

I don't base my game purchases on what a review states, you know how many sites gave many of the titles I love low scores? The reality is, it doesn't stop me from enjoying and playing them. Onimusha series got lots of 7 and 8s etc, never stopped me from playing, buying them day 1 etc.

dreadz741121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

price is a factor Plus I have tons of games to play on xb1 right now gotta finsh Halo then Tomb raider and trying to fit in Until dawn this week on my PS4 .

I have it on EA Acesss but did not play it enough yet to know if worth it or not. If the game is really lacking content and gets old quick I will just wait till it drops in price and get it on PC. The game is full price which is why I am on the fence it is fun but full price fun I dunno.

_-EDMIX-_1121d ago

@dreadz- I would just buy it used later down the line then or on sale after the price drops or something. But I never base my purchases based on reviews. In terms of "lacking content" the game has 12 maps, I've gamed on titles that had 6 for over 300 hours.

I would worry about if you like it first vs content, what is quantity of content of a title you don't even know if you like yet? I don't buy games based on such a number count, if that was the case then I would have never bought Team Fortress 2.

It launched with 6 maps. I'm sorry bud, but don't get caught up in forum BS, play what you like, none of us just game based on a damn number, we game for fun titles. Call Of Duty 2 came out 10 years ago with 8 maps, Call Of Duty 3 had 10 maps at launch...

Based on such stupid logic wold you really buy Call Of Duty 3 despite it being the worst title in the series history? Yet 10 years ago that was enough, Call Of Duty now has 12 maps at launch and now it seems 12 maps isn't enough? I mean...we know a game launching with 20 as a normal thing?

I say, play what you have now, wait later to pick up Star Wars BF, but buy it because you want to have fun with it, a number count doesn't really mean much, it does't define the quality of the title as again,TF2 is easily one of the greatest FPS MP titles I've ever played, played it for 300 hours, when it only had 6 maps. Don't look at the number to determine the quality, how are those maps laid out, how many mode will use those maps etc. Its not this cut and dry, black and white absolute thing.

Kribwalker1121d ago

Or dreadz just wait six months then get the game free on access and at that time the online community will get a big boost as a tonne of people will get it then

Meltic1121d ago

wait until its cheap. It will be lower in price soon when the Reviews isnt so good.

Strange_Evil1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

I preordered the Battle Front PS4 bundle but over the weekend, I saw some BF videos again and just felt that this would get boring really fast. Also, Best buy had a good deal for a PS4 Uncharted Bundle with Fallout 4 thrown in for free along with a vertical stand which made me pull the trigger.

While this game looks gorgeous, I feel I made the right choice going with FO4. Even with the bugs, the game is really awesome with the breadth of what one can do.

Mulletino1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

20 hours in on fallout 4 and other than the audio driver issue have yet to see a "bug" that caught my attention for more than a few seconds.

ChuckTheIceMan1121d ago

I'm 30 hours in and I've only encountered one big bug. Companions being lost after you send them someplace.

ChuckTheIceMan1121d ago

I'd borrow it from a friend for a few hours first. I am not impressed with it. I think 7 is about 2 points too high on this review.

thorstein1121d ago

The worse the review score the better the game.

XanderZane1121d ago

Best off waiting for a Black Friday deal and get it for $30 or less. I'm cancelling my preorder. I had a feeling it wasn't going to be worth the $60. Reminds me of Evolved and some of the other online only games that have been released in the last couple years. I'll get it on the cheap at the end of the year or next year.

mep691121d ago

don't give in to the dark side

3-4-51121d ago

From the moment I first saw gameplay my initial thought was " this looks boring".

The graphics were always awesome, but the gameplay looks like it would be boring after 4-5 games.

It seems as though from reading many reviews that I was mostly correct in my initial thinking...

There seems to be no substance or it's missing that "thing" that makes you have to play "just one more".

Still the most fun I've had with a shooter thus far has been Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.

So EA isn't terrible....they got it right with one of their games.

alabtrosMyster1121d ago

Without a campaign (a real one, not like a modern cod or battlefield campaign) it was just not even truly considered by me to begin with... The lukewarm reviews only make it easier to ignore :-)

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TwoForce1122d ago

Well, i know it. NO Sp and not too many content and very expensive season pass. That's just low.

Skate-AK1122d ago

The season pass is the same price as all FPS season passes.

RalphBlutawn1122d ago

But why does it feel like 75 percent of the game is hidden behind a paywall. BO3 to its credit has a ton of content at launch compared to this.

Sunny_D1122d ago

No matter the content I'm not buying this game because it's not the Battlefront game I and many fans wanted. But of course EA wanted to use the name recognition to sell their lame game...

RedDevils1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

@Skate-AK so you gonna spread your legs wide open because of that?

Btw I don't get why with people in this site that has so many bubbles, and yet make so little sense/logic in their comment. I wonder is that how you get so much bubbles lol

Skate-AK1121d ago

Lol at everyone trippin. I didn't say it was worth it, I only stated a fact.

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_-EDMIX-_1122d ago

Has a single player as I'm playing it right now, you don't need to buy the season pass, I have no clue what that actually has to do with the overall game.

Fallout 4 doesn't have an MP and has a expensive season pass....

What does that actually have to do with the quality of the game itself? It sounds like your basing your bias on what its not and what it never stated it was vs what is being presented.

That is like saying, no story mode in Driveclub, has DLC coming.

So...its not a game it was never stated to be and it has more content coming after release....what does that actually have to do with the game's quality?

I'm sorry but this sounds more like a personal bias then anything about the game itself, you can apply this to any to be honest.

TwoForce1121d ago

I'm not bias really. Do you know how much i hate EA from the beginning ? Driveclub didn't have SP story, but it have career mode which you can enjoy. The way of Driveclub support is different. Update the game, free dlc and paid dlc and listen the fan feedback to improve the game. That the way how you handle dlc and season pass. EA handle the dlc and season pass are very poor to be honest. Driveclub give the player update full details, the other give the player update without giving us a full details.

_-EDMIX-_1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

"I'm not bias really" Your entire hate on this game is based on dlc and about it being something it was never actually advertised to be.

Driveclub doesn't have a story mode, its a joke but I'm making a point. You can't get mad about this game not having a story mode anymore then you can get mad at Driveclub for not having a story mode. It was never marketed to have one. Thus...your mad at a game for not being a game it was never even stated to be, you mad at Madden for not being an RPG?

"the way of Driveclub support is different. Update the game, free dlc and paid dlc and listen the fan feedback to improve the game"

So does DICE, your actually not saying anything different then what this team has proven for over a decade now. They gave free content to ever BF title to release, Star War BF is very much likely to get free content like the BF series, DICE is known to update and balance their game to no end as to why they still have a solid player base that plays BF3 and BF4.

I mean...your saying this as if DICE has some how never listened to any feed back, never gave free content, never had updates....all that is 100% FACTUALLY WRONG, it isn't even up for debate, its a fact that DICE does that and has been doing that for years now. That isn't a subjective idea, its objective, you can look up what they done for a matter fact regarding that.

"that the way how you handle dlc and season pass. EA handle the dlc and season pass are very poor to be honest"


"I'm not bias really" Yet you just stated that about EA? Your basing you not liking a game based on, optional post launch content and something it was never actually marketed to be.

Good luck with that flawed logic.

So your review base is what you want the game to be despite what it was stated to be and about post launch content....

So the best game is a game that is released that is something that it was never advertised to be and has good post launch content for free....sooooooo do you actually play the game or just play the DLC and hope the the game is something they never said it was?

Do you go in to Minecraft hoping for Final Fantasy?

You play Tekken expecting it to be a western shooter?


Omegasyde1121d ago


You are on pure damage control.

Argue this....

Why does the game ship with lesscontent than battlefield 4 and ita season pass has nearly tripple the content that the base game has?

Answer: EA is greedy.

thorstein1121d ago

This is well said and well thought. Bubs for you. I will get the demo or play it at my local gamestop and if I like it, I will get it.

Sounds like you are enjoying it. I'll have to check it out.

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frostypants1121d ago

Lack of SP doesn't bother me, if the MP is deep enough. Not looking good though...

I felt BF4 was a misstep by DICE as well, relative to BF3 and BFBC2. They seem to be losing their touch.

ChuckTheIceMan1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Welcome to the world of EA gaming! BF4 was great but it took a full year before it was fixed.

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maelstromb1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

This comes as absolutely no surprise. I found the beta to be a shallow, unbalanced and repetitious exercise in tedium. Were it not for the huge Star Wars fan in me, I would have never given this a second look. Unfortunately, the lack of meaty content and the aforementioned issues, caused my interest to fade very quickly. Sadly, the long-term end goal here was always to appeal to the masses, and that approach has unequivocally been this game's undoing since the beginning -- as it included too casual an approach, too little of worthwhile content, and what feels more like just another cash-grab on the part of parent company, Disney. Especially when you factor in THE most expensive season pass to date at $50...

As I stated before in one of my previous comments -- if there comes a time when a dev decides to develop a new Jedi Knight entry using this game engine, you can definitely count me in then!

Good-Smurf1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

I tried the beta like an hour or two and I just realized it fucked up my BF4 aiming skill so I just deleted the beta,and it so boring and too damn casual.
Spawn system had fucked up with my head and fucking jetpacks...oh lord...

Automatic791121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Jedi Outcast was awesome. So was Rogue Squadron.

The game has a huge divide at this point and time it almost feels like the launch of destiny massive hype no substance but still there are those who love it.

RalphBlutawn1122d ago

It's probably the nicest looking Star Wars game yet but it feels like a pretty vase with nothing inside.

Satyre281122d ago

The game is absolutely gorgeous but after playing it on EA Access i have absolutely no need to buy this game. It is lifeless past the graphics, its actually pretty boring. Its one of those game that has hype now because of its name but will be completely dead in a few weeks.

Sad too because i was really excited for it but idk just was not fun at all.