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It was never going to be easy for publisher EA and developer DICE to create Star Wars Battlefront.

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Rookie_Monster1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

wow, many 6s for this game thus far. Everyone pretty much said the same thing that it looks great and with spectacular set pieces but ultimately it is very shallow and have no substance due to lack of contents after the big shock value disappear after certain hours. I played over 5 hours on EA access and have to agreed with all those assessments.

showtimefolks1100d ago

it was announced by EA right after getting the license and EA used the license right away to give us a star wars games in under 2 years of development

Battlefront at heart is just like battlefield 4 but without the major issues i hope of battlefield 4

battlefront has a lot less content at launch than past games

there should be a single player story but it's not there because there just wasn't enough time for development

it was being pushed to release so quick to match the movie's release and to cash up on the star wars game

there is already dlc coming within first month again to cash on the movie hype and star wars game

the beta was really under whelming

despite all this i see EA pushing star wars really hard and investing big time in advertisement to make their money back and huge amounts of profit

i always thought that battlefront would be a 6-7 out of 10 type game and not 9/10

but what i didn't get is how much hate i got on n4g for simply stating facts like development time and content. i was told it's star wars and it's enough content

i hope this game sells like crap so EA has to make changes but sadly star war fanboys will buy this no matter what

LastcenuryRob1100d ago

The review for this game is all over the place. It certainly seems to have more average and bad reviews than good to excellent. that's too bad, but it is EA after all so what should the gaming community have expected.