Buggy Games: Should We Be So Forgiving?

Andrew Gonzalez from Xbox Enthusiast talks about buggy video games and how we should be more critical of games that launch with a wide variety of bugs.

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Null1094d ago

Who is this "we"? Andrew, I don't buy broken games and I don't plan on starting either. The only game I have in recent memory that has a crap ton of bugs is Fallout: 4( they're all not game breaking and some you can just reload a save to get rid of) , but I didn't buy it.. I got it for free. Andrew, I wish people like YOU would stop trying to speak for everyone.. YOU may be dumb enough to buy broken games, but a portion of us are not.

WibbleWaffle1094d ago

What a stupid reply, who cares if you don't buy "broken" games many people do, and the reason this gets highlighted is the fact that a lot of the big titles have bugs, people don't "choose" to buy a broken game, no one knew that Diablo 3 (to name one of the many games) would have such a terrible launch due to server issues, would you call that game "broken" so much so that people all over the world got a refund, You seem to just be attacking the writing of this article for no reason at all, I agree with what he is saying, Is it acceptable for large AAA game companies to succumb to the needs and wants of publishers and let them push them about, so that they indeed release a game early and it has loads of bugs, its happening more and more and if we all let it happen (and irrelevant if you don't buy your "broken" games, many millions around the world do, and its not going to go away) its just going to keep happening, us as gamers accept it and the industry will keep thinking its ok to keep doing it, get some perspective and stop thinking this is wrote just for you, its wrote for the mass gamers who deal with a lot of bugs every single day.

Null1094d ago

What a stupid response from a shell account. Next time write to me from your main or send to my inbox. Who cares if you or anyone doesnt care? I don't. You again keep trying to speak for the majority of Gamer's and miss my point by a mile. It's YOUR fault for buying broken games loaded with bugs and what not. Yes, developers and publishers should be held accountable for their actions, but so should you for not waiting and being stupid. If you get burned once or twice back to back why would you keep going back for more that doesn't make any sense does it? No it doesn't. Learn to accept some of the blame. If YOU DIDNT RUSH OUT AND BUY their broken games what incentive would they have to release games in such a state?

SolidGear31094d ago

Fallout 4 isn't broken for me and I've been playing it since launch night on PS4 with no issues.

alfcrippinjr1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

most games are broken and have bugs

dont blame the developers for this

blame the publishers who are forcing the games out to quick
to make sales.

nearly every game now has some type of patch

games are not fully tested before sale and are broken on release date.

Roccetarius1094d ago

Not all of the blame is on publishers, considering bad coding and other aspects of development is a thing.

KTF261094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

for most AAA title, bad code is a result of lack of time
and the publisher who sets the deadline

AC: Unity as an example
The developers need time but the publisher want the game to meat the deadline (Fall 2014)
at the end they gave them 2 weeks to convert the game from pre-alpha to final build

KTF261094d ago

sorry about that
*meet the deadline

Roccetarius1094d ago

But then people will defend pubs / devs, saying that we're being way too critical. Honestly, i'm glad that i'm not so naive to think, that everything will be all right after a few patches.

madjedi1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

You can always go back to simple 8 bit games, as games get vastly more complex you will see more instances of this.

Everything won't be all fine and dandy after a few patches, but neither is it unplayable most of the time as is like some elude to here.

This will just be a fact of life, just like many other things in life.

Have fun yelling at the clouds. That or accept reality and move on.

TheUpbringer1094d ago

So forgiving? Games that are buggy on release have the publisher getting barbecued by the internet. I hardly count that as forgiving.