Wii U Exclusive Devil's Third is Back On Amazon Pre-Order, Coming Next Month

A while back, Devil's Third was available for pre-order on Amazon before the retailer stopped accepting orders. The good news for those who have an interest in the game is that it's back up and it's coming next month.

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MultiConsoleGamer1064d ago

I expect the review scores to be low, but I also expect the print run for this game to be very low. Take that for what you will.

chrish19901063d ago

Definitely not a best seller...

Gemmol1063d ago

Can't wait to preload

Angeljuice1063d ago

I'm not sure whether to buy this or a large turnip, which do you think would be more fun?

AJBACK2FRAG1063d ago

A punch in the bread basket.

AJBACK2FRAG1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

I was thinking either buy Devil's Third or hit dog shit with a hammer over and over. Anybody?

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