Five Reasons To Own A Playstation 4 In 2016

Do you have a PS4 yet? I hope so, because each year the library gets better and better. If you haven't gotten one already... why not?

You should definitely be intending to pick one up in 2016, if not for the holidays. Here are five games coming to PS4 that'll give you a reason to pick up the system.

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DragonDDark1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

5? I can give you 20!

Yi-Long1096d ago

No Man's Sky should be on that list.

TomatoDragon1096d ago

I'm actually glad to see that Setsuna was on there, cause that game does indeed look great.

PunisherRevenge1096d ago

Lol....these five reasons are kind of weak but, for the people who like those types of games good for them. I think you should have put Uncharted 4 on there at least.

ninsigma1096d ago

4,2 and 1 are certainly not weak. The other two I'll give you cuz they're smaller titles (weak is the wrong word there though). Uc4 Def should have been on the list I agree. I'd also put the last guardian on there.

Dynasty20211095d ago

You've played UC4 and Last Guardian have you?

Or are you just using games you've not played to justify owning a console with no games worth bragging about in 2 years since release?

My PS4 gathers dust these days, it's disgusting how few games there are worth having.

90% are multi-plats that are best played on PC.

ninsigma1095d ago

The article is about reasons to own a ps4 in 2016 therefore everything I've said is valid because I find those to be reason to own one. The article even shows games that aren't yet out. You'd know that if you read it (even the title gives it away for God sake) instead of coming in here just troll.

Also that console you say has no games to brag about, I have more games on it than the other 2 current consoles because there's plenty. You'd know that if you actually owned a ps4.

Freakin trolls.

Wallstreet371096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

UC4 will probably sell more than any other exclusive ip on ps4 besides GT when it comes out so it is a reason for many to own it considering how popular ND games are. It sells mainly because its a great series and fun. TLOU already showed that in terms of sales ND games are huge money makers! selling many millions! %hit Bloodborne already sold more than 2 million and its a new ip on a single platform and its niche.

Darkfist1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

These five reasons are mostly based on opinion, good thing theres more than that to get ps4

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The story is too old to be commented.