Official Fallout 4 strategy guide dropped to below $15

The official strategy guide for Fallout 4 has been dropped to just $14.99.

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guitarded771097d ago

Because the internet is a far better strategy guide because it's free, and it can be updated.

Testfire1097d ago

I kinda miss the days without (or with limited) internet and when game guides/magazines were a big thing. One of my fondest memories was using the map of Legend of Zelda from the Nintendo Power magazine. I had used that map so much that it tore from the creases.

But you're 100% correct, the internet has replaced any need for guides, unless you want to enjoy the artwork.

Aenea1097d ago

I still like them if I'm honest, I can't put the internet on a shelf :D

TheSaint1097d ago

Wow, people actually buy these things? Want to pay me to play the game for you too?

guitarded771095d ago

I bought the Dark Souls Strategy Guides for the artwork... just like I buy Playboy for the articles :D

TheSaint1094d ago

Well, that's different as Souls games are very artful.

And no, that's not why you buy Playboy!