Which Combat System Best Suits The Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Square Enix may find difficulty in remaking Final Fantasy VII while still keeping elements such as the turn-based combat, but whether or not they will forsake the antiquated system is still in question.

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scark921095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

The exact one that FF7 had maybe :D

-Foxtrot1095d ago

Pretty much

It's a remake, remake what the game had

Reminds me of 22 Jump Street


Turn based needs a come back. If people want something new then you have FF15, older fans have FF7, you change too much then it's not FF7 but something different like a re-telling and nobody wants that as you start to go into alternative universes...wouldn't be surprised if they allowed it so you could save Aerith

Lost Odyssey had turn based and it was great. They added a ring system to keep you active if you wanted to deal more damage, added more people to the battlefield and added the immortal feature so some of them could revive themselves after a short time. Basically they put their own unique twist on it.

They just need to get you into the battle quicker (enough of the start up showing me the area, the monsters, the characters swiping their weapons), have it faster paced and have quicker transitions when entering/exiting

smashman981095d ago

21 jump street the show and the movie were so different tonally though foxy boy I loved the movies though lol

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Amubher1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

So, your unshakable opinion is a universal fact that everyone should accept. An opinion about a game that hasn't been released nor that you have tried.

close-mindedness in a nutshell.

Quickstrike1095d ago

I agree, the closer they keep it the same the better. If they change it, they shouldn't call it a remake. No other remake of a game changed how it's played.

If the intent is to change it, then they should never have called it a remake, instead it should be called a imagining.

I wouldn't buy a re-imagining of FF VII, there's no point to it.

smashman981095d ago

Not entirely true look at tomb raider anniversary They added slow motion and quick time events changed the design of the levels added to the story and personally I think it turned out phenomenally. I think change can be good and a change to the battle system while that would be huge wouldn't be a deal breaker unless it was a bad change.

For instance if they tried to make it like DMC that would admittedly be terrible but lets say the made it action combat with an atb twist or even an atb system with an action twist. ALL im saying is that lets not knock any new ideas because we will always have the original no matter what.

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Insomnia_841095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

FFX Combat System without a doubt!! A better version of the FFVII combat system.

Roccetarius1095d ago

FFX was actually more of an improvement to FFI-III, actually. It's a shame they messed that up with FFX-2, which in turn had the bastard child that is FFXIII, thanks to someone who became obsessed with Lightning.

As long as they don't mess it up with some sort of KH / FF crossover like FFXV is.

NukaCola1094d ago

FF X used an algorithm based on your choice of attack to reset the order of attacks across both enemy and party members. It was a different turn based design.

I think revamping the turned-based style for FF VII would be best, but of course improve it. I like the ATB but would also like to see more defensive approaches other than exchanging blows. I think it would be good to add new materia specials and all new LIMIT BREAKS choices. For summons, I hope they are epic, but still singular attacks like before. I was not a fan of FF VIII and V's summons.

SoulMikeY1094d ago

I think "you like the old s***, buy the old game". No point in a remake if it doesn't change. I also think if they don't change or add to the story, there's no point in a remake. We still all have the ability to play the game you guys want, and it's not called Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Go experience exactly what you want, by playing that already released game.

Most of us have played the original like 6 or more times, it's not going to be much more fun with just a new coat of paint...

Bahamut1094d ago

Ugh... You just made me vomit a little.

Hereiamhereibe21094d ago

Never even played FF7 but honestly if its not turn based I think my wife will end up playing it instead of me.

miyamoto1094d ago

100% agree but with a better presentation.

nitus101094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

How about using a similar combat system that FF4 through 6 and FF12 used which is turn based or active turn based, however you could switch between them very quickly.

FF7 was turn base only which is very useful when the enemy is more difficult but very boring when you have enemy which the party can dispatch fairly easy.

One thing I would really like to see got rid off is random battles although I have no issue with re-spawns. FF12 was the first off-line FF to do this and in addition you actually fought in the area where you made the encounter and you had the ability to move your group around the area.

Basically all off-line FF games except for FF12 had your party fight in what I call a battle arena which tried to look like the area you where traveling in. Also you had enemy one side and your party the other side. FF12 broke that mold but unfortunately FF13 and FF13-2 brought it back.

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gangsta_red1095d ago

With so much more power these consoles are packing I wouldn't mind seeing an updated battle system for the remake of FF7. And hopefully they keep the materia customization but make it deeper than before.

Eonjay1095d ago

This. Otherwise its just the world greatest remaster. When they said Remake - to me - it gave them license to really do something different.

KwietStorm1095d ago

A PS1 game to PS4 would be a little more than a remaster. This is being remade from the ground up, regardless of what battle system is in it.

Jackhass1095d ago

Hopefully there's still some remnant of a menu-based system.

DevilOgreFish1095d ago

A pinch uneased with the tiny bits of information involving the remake. Some of the qualities from FFVII were expressed by Tetsuya as being old for this generation. And yet awkwardly the super smash bros trailer teases with Random Battle+OST+Classic midgar and classic moves, all that stuff.

Hopefully there is some tangible info or material coming this winter regarding the remake. I'd like to see what type of FFVII they have in mind.