It’s About Time We Cut Microsoft Some Slack

It’s been nearly two and a half years since the Xbox One’s, quite frankly, disastrous reveal, but it's time to forgive and forget.

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ULTp0ltergeist1125d ago

Who actually lied to themselves that Microsoft were a bunch of chumps who fold under competition? It is in their nature to compete. I can still remember the trumpets sounding off the defeat of Microsoft and the downfall of the Empire. lol

ThatGuyDart1125d ago

Nah Microsoft is too important to ever go anywhere as a company but Xbox? If the Xbox division didn't change their ways and stuck with DRM and the rest of that crap, Xbox might have discontinued.

troylazlow1125d ago

Funny, you could say the same about Sony. Sony as a company is hemorrhaging money, the Playstation section of Sony is one of the only brands that is in the black. they are like mirror images of each other.

-Foxtrot1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )


Thing is I think more people would be upset if Sony fell out of the gaming business than Microsoft.

No offence to MS but gaming is like something extra for them which brings in the money while the others like Nintendo and Sony have been a part of the gaming industry way back when it was much smaller and wasn't bringing in the cash it does today.

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Dlacy13g1125d ago

@Foxtrot people were really upset over Sega leaving hardware ...and they got over it. Sony and Nintendo have a longer legacy but we would all get over it and be on to the next new and shiny that replaces the vacuum they would leave.

donthate1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

The thing with MS is they have almost always been the underdog and because of that they have consistently innovated.

Even during the previous generation, Sony was selling boatloads of consoles in other regions because of the brand name. Basically, just blind loyalty was driving the PS3 sales.

The disparity was so big last generation, but guess what at the end of the generation Sony/MS is more or less even, despite the 2:1 lead in two markets (US/UK) that combined has more than 50% market-share worldwide for consoles.


I think you are right that more people would be upset if Sony disappeared, because of blind loyalty due to two generation of nostalgia just like Nintendo. Xbox has never had that type of fanbase and the closest to that is the Xbox 360.

That said, I think it would be sad day if any of the current console manufacturers went out of business. That is just another nail in the console industry coffin.

How many companies today can enter the console business? Heck, how many would want to?

Yup, we would be moving towards tablet/smart phone gaming and PC. So be careful what you wish for!

Kribwalker1125d ago

I'm sorry foxtrot but Nintendo yes has been in the industry long before big money but Sony has not. The first PlayStation came out in 1995, and the first Xbox came out only 6 years later. One console Generation. Nintendo had 2 full generations before Sony and 3 full before Xbox.

Big console money got started with the original Nintendo and Sega master system as they were known as hip and cool as they weren't video games (which had a market crash in the early 80s) but they were computer entertainment systems. And even still, MS was in gaming on PCs before PlayStation got started as well. Games like flight simulator were out all the way back to the early 80s.

phallusitator1125d ago

@ Troy

According to the Q2 2015 report Sony as a company earned money in all segments of the company, excluding restructuring. I'm not saying that they earned lots but saying that they are hemorrhaging money is a little inaccurate. Looks like the restructuring that they went through is finally starting to pay off.

UltimateMaster1125d ago

Yeah, let's give Microsoft some slack.
I mean, they only had the Red Ring of Death which plague 25+ Million Consoles, with Disc scratch fever that break games, overprice HDD with HD-DVD add-on of No movies available which forced user to pay Xbox Live for free services like Facebook and Youtube. Only to promote a overpriced gimmick and make wonderful games like Sesames Street and [Insert your poorly rated game here] which in combination of all games if kinect was a console it would have the worst average review score in console history.

Only to be told at launch you were not good enough for backwards compatibility with greedy DRM policies restricting you from selling of borrowing your games to your friends, with a creepy kinect that watches your every move with an "off" option that may or may not work. Selling you overprice 150$ controller, 3 times more than the cost of a game. From which they gladly backed-down from the DRM policies only to replace them with Micro-Transaction in Every Xbox Exclusive Game there is.

Let's face it, it wasn't good for a very long time.
It's just starting to be good. Let's give it some time.
But it's still Microsoft. Like all companies, they're there to make money.

kreate1125d ago

If sony was out of the picture. Microsoft would of never reversed any of their original 2013 x1 policies.

Gamestop would be closing doors right about now.

Only my opinion guys.

Dee_911125d ago

the only people that feel they need to cut msft some slack, are the people who already did...

UltraNova1125d ago

@ Dee_91

Those who still defend the good old June 2013 MS, to be more specific.

killer_goat1125d ago

@donthate what have ms innovated?

Game4Next1125d ago

cut some slack? cut some price. $199 Xbox One.

AngelicIceDiamond1125d ago

@Fox You have a semi point but MS is officially unifying its gaming and software platforms like WIN10, Xbox, Minecraft, DX12 API and soon to be Cloud gaming like CC3. Or thats MS new focus at least.

People tend to act like MS is the only company in the past 20+ years to screw up. Nintendo, SEGA, Sony have all messed up in some fashion. I don't think anyone will cut them slack tbh. Doesn't affect me none just give me the games, features and updates and I'll stick around.

The Writer says forgive and forget. Oh I'll forgive, but sure as hell not forgettin.

pinkcrocodile751124d ago


Yes, lets give them some slack.

I mean Sony told you to get another job to afford the PS3 at launch and most of the games in the first 2 thirds of it's life cycle looked better on the 360.

They told the world that the cell processor would be the next step in enterprise server deployments only for cell to end up as a wet fart, of use to nobody excelt superconpute.

Yes XBL had a paywall and had RROD (Never had it myself) but XBL was much more stable than the free PSN and lets not forget the PS3 update that bricked your console or months of downtime.

Id rather pay for something to be decent than get the market stall knock off that was PSN.

I own both PS4 and X1 but rarely ever use my PS+. I'm not going to until they finally sort out their security after the massive hacks that screwed my security. The fact that they had to advertise for a security specialist after the hacking attacks around the failed release of that film the interview is very worrying.

Then you go on about DRM which didn't happen but would have happened and you can bet your bottom dollar that if it had met with a good recenption that Sony would have followed suit. To think otherwise is blind loyalty.

Then they offer an elite controller (Which I won't bother with because I'm not good of a gamer) but Sony also offer an over priced PS Now for old games. I tried it with UC3 despite a 200mb/s line via ethernet (No overheads to worry about)it was not very seemless. Handy yes but I stoppped an waited for the UC collection.

Then we have VR, which I'm sure people will love but it won't do for my because of being deaf in one ear, it'll make me sick. Add to that that it won't be cheap.

Yes you can call MS for everything but Sony isn't innocent here either.

So either be balanced in your approach of expect long rebutles from people like me.

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showtimefolks1125d ago

competetion is a healthy thing guys and to any of you saying either ms,sony or nintendo should go out of business just stop it

do you just go base hat off the stuff sony has been in trouble so they must be going out of business without ever realizing that sony owns OVER 100 BILLION WORTH OF ASSETS

it would take sony screwing up for next 3 decades and by screw up i mean losing billions yearly to even have a chance of going out of business

ms would just sell the xbox brand if things ever got bad and still rack in billions yearly, to them xbox is just a side thing. i don't think ms depends of xbox to make money but that doesn't mean they don't care

the best example i give of xbox/ms partnership is this: ted turner owned wcw but people under him always looked down on wrestling so they sold it right after the merger even thought for a period of 5-6 years it was making them a lot of money

that's the way i look at ms, i think some people in ms look at xbox as not interested way

i want all 3 to stay andd compete and yes i hope nintendo's next console is able to stack up against the big boys

pyroxxx1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Competition is good when competition is good,.. MS is no good. If anything I think they are a bad influence on everybody,.. Everyone starts with anti-consumer policies because of them. We are already getting nickle and dimed for everything everywhere,.. and it is going to get worse

showtimefolks1125d ago


I never said ms were consumer friendly. They are simply about business

Also they don't like competition, they much rather buy out the competition than to actually compete

I have confidence In Spencer but they still have someone like major Nelson running his mouth so much has the Xbox leadership really changed?

In my opinion and this is just mine before sone fanboys gets mad

Sony takes the most risks under Playstation, they invest into risky games and ideas and are the one gaming company that's gamer friendly

AngelicIceDiamond1124d ago

Well this article is on the wrong site to begin with. No matter what MS does right, or makes right, this site won't give them credit of any type.

Why? Because people don't like MS or Xbox here period is proven, and that's the truth. If this site wasn't so Xbox hatred maybe people will look at some of the postives NOW instead of looking at the negatives BACK THEN. People revert back to MS big mistakes back then because they can't find something now to to bash and hate or simply to cry and complain about.

Again that's the truth take it or leave disagreeing with me is to disagree with yourselves, I'm just a messenger.

ceromaster1124d ago


Your logic is the same logic backed by people that blame violence on video games or sexism on video games. MS is a company, they will do things that will make them more money in the long run. If people don't like it, then they can always vote with their wallets but I get sick of hearing this whole "MS ARE A BAD INFLUENCE!!! THEY'RE FORCING OTHER COMPANIES TO MAKE BAD DECISIONS!!!" bs...

Companies are run by grown-ups who can make informed decisions on how to approach the market. If your favorite company is nickle and diming you then that's their decision and your problem for still buying into it.

Any competition is still good competition because everyone still has the right to choose....Bad competition is when you're being forced to buy something you don't want and/or don't like. Unless MS has a monopoly, then their competition is just as good and fair as anyone else's.

showtimefolks1124d ago


let's see playstation is a much better well known brand than xbox

there are more playstation consoles in this world than xbox

ps4's install base is almost double the size of xbox one's

so why are you surprised that gaming sites are pro playstation? i remember in 2008-2008 this site was pro xbox and every single day, YES I MEAN EVERY SINGLE DAY we got the ps3 doom articles

you are acting like xbox one launch was 10 years ago, the memory is still fresh in a lot of minds and it will take a long time to repair the image

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nosferatuzodd1125d ago

Let's all cut Microsoft some slack. Hold on let me think about that

Let's see
If it wasn't for Sony saying no to drm we all would stuck with a big fat drm right now
Let's all cut ms some slack ...... err hell no

showtimefolks1124d ago

I have seen comments on here from Xbox defense force saying Sony actually held back Xbox one because those announced Xbox one features were the true next Gen features

Ms can never ever pull that crap until Sony is in gaming business. You are 1 trillion % right if it wasn't for Sony we would be stuck with a den filled machine

But ms screwed it self in eyes of most gamers and they better be real careful next time they are to announce the next Xbox

No matter what you Xbox fanboys say there is no way in hell drm policies are gamers friend and true next Gen features

Stop buying into hype

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no_more_heroes1125d ago

Yeah, I doubt most people will be willing to do that...

freshslicepizza1125d ago

most people meaning those who didn't like microsoft and the xbox products before they announced xbox one? probably.

AudioEppa1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )


I apologize if this comment comes off like a troll, but it's just hilarious seeing what this industry has become the last 2 years. MS had an impactful start to gen 7, yet.

Despite all the positives things 360 brought to home consoles, they became unfocused on building new core games 4 to 3 years before X1, their awkward obsession with motion control at E3 hurt them a lot too.

People seem to forget to Microsoft has never been the lead platform, PS2 had gen 6 and Wii had gen 7. Also 360 lost the worldwide lead on PS3 despite launching first and being ahead for a few years.

But certain people within the games industry are having a bitter time with the reality that microsoft started off struggling what their original Xbox, 360 had a very lackluster run towards the end of it's lifecycle with their competition putting out hot games left and right.

And now they're back to where they started once again, now this gen isn't over yet, not even close. But do we really see it changing for them?

ScaReCrow901125d ago

In the console exclusivity department the xbox one is doing so much better this time around.

_-EDMIX-_1125d ago

? Not really, with them losing in sales right now compared to PS4, expect less 3rd party exclusives, by default XONE will have less of them due to its poor sales. Pretty sure Square doesn't want a repeat of what just happened with Tomb Raider.

Also Sony had more exclusives last gen, they are gearing up to have just as much if not MORE this gen as Square is making many PS titles, Capcom even recently stated the same.

Consider Square released more Playstation 3 titles last gen, consider Sega did too, consider NOW Capcom is saying this.

Not sure how many publishers need to start making more PS titles to understand that by default XONE won't have more exclusives, it will have less.

PS3 had more last gen, PS4 has even MORE then what PS3 did in the same amount of time...

I don't know what "doing so much better" actually means as the statement is really vague. MS at the start of every gen has done ok with exclusives, yet slowly they would slow down releases and stick to their main combo of Halo, Gears, Forza etc.

2pacalypsenow1125d ago

That's because MS started focusing on xbox 1 while the xbox 360 was still in its prime and forgot about the xbox 360 core audience and completely stopped caring, except for kinect. Sony on the other hand supported the Ps3 100% until Nov 13 2013

Septic1125d ago

Flippin eck, some people really think sales are exclusives or something. It's mad.

muzikjunkie801124d ago


i have to disagree. the original xbox had the most exclusives then for some reason they abandoned them.

microsoft did a great job with the original xbox and damn do i miss those days i just hope they can make a come back like that with the next xbox the xbox one is the black sheep of the xbox family and this is coming from an xbox fan, yeah its a fantastic console but with microsoft being the owners it should have been so much better... more powerful, more exclusives, better OS from day one, better focus on games from the start. everything the ps4 does like share play, gameplay recording cropping and uploading to social media youtube etc should all be on xbox one. being able to install the games while they install of the disc should be on xbox one.

for a company like sony who are not familiar with operating systems etc have done a damn good job with the ps4 OS. it does things that even myself was like "this should be on the xbox OS due to it being a microsoft device"

but heres hoping that this gen has taught them alot and they go back to their roots and blow us away with the new xbox - if there will be one.

ScaReCrow901122d ago

Just to be clear. I know a lot of Sony fans have trouble reading anything good about ms and they just lose their minds but I said it's doing better this time around compared to the 360 which was the point of the comment I responded to.
Never said it had more exclusives then the ps4. And for those of you pointing at tomb raider sales please link to the article of global sales for tomb raider. And also for the digital because we know by now that lots of sales come from there. And again with sales and sales. If it's about sales that would mean the PlayStation 3 sucked until the end where it sold more. But that's not the case so stop bringing up sales in order to help your argument that the ps4 is better. It's an immature argument.

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_-EDMIX-_1125d ago

Sadly, some don't want to see that.

meche3341125d ago

the 360 was lead platform gen 7. it might not have sold as much as wii but it was the console devs developed on then ported to the ps3. now its ps4 to xbox one

ScaReCrow901122d ago

Yes. But does that make the Xbox a worse console?
Did it make the ps3 a bad console because of it? If anything it made it better because it forced it to pump out exclusives in order to survive.

GrimDragon1125d ago

Ahhh the good ole days of brick controllers and the first halo. Gears of war and red rings of death ahhh good times. Microsofts alright in my book. Sure they've stumbled through the years but I'll be damned if those boys don't just get right back up and keep on keeping on. In an industry once dominated by the Asian market American can do spirit carved itself a nice little spot despite the naysayers. Cheers to Microsofts innovative spirit. Let's not repeat past mistakes shall we.

bednet1125d ago

Amen to that and long live healthy competition!