While Imperfect, Nintendo's Latest Direct Reminds us of Nintendo's Importance

VGChartz's Ben Burnham: "Even if not all of its efforts work out, Nintendo's existence in the console market is something that I think the industry requires. There needs to be that different, that more colorful, that more platformer-based, that more charming Nintendo presence in the console race. And if nothing else, watching what I think was for the most part a successful Nintendo Direct, I was able to remember what it was like to see a thriving Nintendo platform."

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rjason121121d ago

I personally think that they should try a three tier system like they did back in gen 6 where they had GameCube, DS, and gba running concurrently. Do a handheld, do a "traditional" home console and do a non-traditional one and make sure to market them differently, make one where they get all the third party games, along with "traditional" Nintendo games that can't and don't need to use a special controller like smash bros, (2d and 3d Mario games, Zelda games, metroid, etc) then on the non traditional system have games that can use the "special" controller like Mario party, Wii sports, games like Kirby rainbow curse, splatoon, warioware, and special Nintendo games, etc, and third parties could put out experimental games on the system if they wanted to. I doubt it would ever happen, but I'm sure fans wouldn't mind it that way, then people who love third party games and the more "core" Nintendo games can get that system, while others that like the different controls can get that one, or fans that like both kinds can get both.

RPGrinder1121d ago

This is foolish and ridiculous. Stop.

rjason121121d ago

How so? I'm just speaking my opinion, it's not like I'm saying "go third party", or stop making experimental games/consoles. I'm just saying do a three way to try and please everyone, because how they're doing now, third parties don't want to make games for Wii u, and I'm tired of not getting third party games. I love Nintendo and it's hard for me to support more than one home console each gen so I always pick Nintendo, because all my favorite games/series are Nintendo ones, but I want multi platform games too!

Timbalada1121d ago

Maybe if they had a different level of third part support. It seems that their development teams are spread thin between two devices. Adding a third would probably be too much and people would be dissatisfied with the amount of content for all 3.

RPGrinder1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

It was close to perfect. This article is mostly garbage

gamerb61121d ago

What a stupid title, what company is perfect? Answer None.

fatneal1121d ago

i agree with you but articles like these are necessary because there is group-think madness running wild online and offline about nintendo. developers,journalist,industry analyst, and the fanboys all take turns dragging nintendo through the mud even though they consistently develop great games. why? because nintendo doesnt get 3rd party? is that nintendos fault developers arent creative enough or that 3rd party companies dont have the budget to take chances? ask yourself how many times have you seen nintendo is doomed articles online? what about consumers throwing corporate numbers and mumbo jumbo around as if they have stock in nintendo? its refreshing to see positive things thats all im saying