Watch Fallout 4's Dogmeat Ruin Everything

Your trusty canine companion Dogmeat makes a welcome return in Fallout 4. But sometimes, he's not the best guy to have around.

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Crispyleeks972d ago

No matter how many times he has given away my location when sneaking up on a group of Super Mutants, I can't help but still love him!

GigawattConduit972d ago

You say that, but watch him end up just booking it while one of them tears your arm off...

Resis7ance972d ago

Clearly this mut isn't a mans best friend ;)

gangsta_red972d ago

Hilarious, the funniest part is where he tried to quickly command the dog to come back but too late.

GigawattConduit972d ago

An accurate portrayal of what it means to be a dog owner during every moment of life.

Agent_00_Revan972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

Being a parent is about the same too...

Jughead3416972d ago

Dogmeat helps me because enemies will attack him, leaving me an opening to take them out. But this dog continuously blocks doorways. I can be trying to flee an enemy, and Dogmeat is in my freakin way and I can't move. So frustrating.

Jayszen972d ago

The amount of times I have gotten killed because Dogmeat is in the way! But then I also use the command menu to get him to go into a room where there are raiders and inevitably he kills one while getting shot by another and gives me the chance enter the room and start firing without getting shot at all. I'd rather have him then not!

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