Fallout 4: How to Increase Your Carrying Capacity

While you play Fallout 4, you may struggle with carry capacity. Here are the best ways to increase your carry capacity to ensure no item gets left behind.

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smolinsk1094d ago

simply not true that your companions has unlimited carry capacity.

Malphite1094d ago

Some companions can carry more than others though.

Also get rid of the unused mods when going on a quest. (Just remember to pick them back up when modding weapons).

Don't pick up everything. Some junk is really heavy and only gives you wood and steel for example. Mark all the components that aren't as common and only pick up the junk that is marked with the magnifying glass.

Don't pick up all the weapons and armor. There is no point in overloading yourself with raider armor when every raider has it. It won't give you enough worthwile components in relation to the weight you're carrying.

rdgneoz31094d ago

They do if you use a bug. If you tell them to pick something up, they will even if they have full inventory.

slappy5081094d ago

Wel I didnt know that the "Pocket" crafting option on armour adds 5 points carrying capactiy. Guess I got some recrafting to do!

rdgneoz31094d ago

There is "Pockets" and then later on "Deep Pockets" which I believe has 10.

slappy5081094d ago

That does help alot, I didnt really wwant to invest extra points in strength to get that perk that allows you to carry more weight, I can use my armorer perk!

nX1094d ago

player.modav carryweight 1000

One of the main reason I play these games on PC.

FullmetalRoyale1094d ago

I'm sure having the option is great, but for me that goes against the survival aspect of this game. But I do role play in role playing games, so I'm sure that's just me. :)

smolinsk1094d ago

Yea What's the point when playing a survival game and then cheat like that, simply not fun

nX1094d ago

It's hella fun, I don't waste any time with inventory management or fast travelling just to sell my stuff and got much more time for the actual game. For me this is pretty much essential but I understand that some find it "cheating".

porkChop1094d ago

Not always a great idea. I have a few friends that use console commands like that to cheat in RPGs. They usually end up getting bored because the game becomes too easy, and then don't bother finishing the games.