The 8 video game controllers even worse than Steam's

Valve's Steam Controller isn't quite the mouse and keyboard substitute we were all hoping for, but who knows, maybe with all those custom layout options it will come up trumps in the future.

The following collection of controllers also dared to believe in something different, something daring. You have to admire them for their hubris, but at the same time it's fine to mock these monstrosities of the past.

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gangsta_red1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

N64 Controller!

Thank you, I'm glad someone else said it. You go from the superior SNES controller to this? A controller specifically made for Nintendo only games. It was a terrible controller and the beginning of Nintendo alienating themselves from 3rd party developers.

madmonkey011097d ago

tried to innovate, didn't really work in most cases. game cube controller was ok though.

Neonridr1097d ago

except the analog stick on the N64 controller was perfect for introducing FPS's to the consoles.

gangsta_red1097d ago

The analog stick was great. But the rest of that controller was horrible.

2pacalypsenow1097d ago

it was great if you had 3 hands

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Ck1x1097d ago

The N64 controller introduced some of the first truly 3d games around, not to mention what it did for platformers (SM64 & Banjo Kazooie) and shooters (Goldeneye 007, TuroK & Perfect Dark). Of course these aren't all of the games that the system had, but the N64 really brought a new light to how games are played on consoles.

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BellePelouse1097d ago

Maybe it's just me but I love my Steam controller

Peace_Love_and_FPS1097d ago

Not just you. I've come to really enjoy it, especially once I put on gyro-aiming (in tandem with right pad mouse) and found out how to make templates to match my standard control scheme I use for every game.

Still tweaking controls though, there's just so much! I really feel like the majority of poor reviews were due to a few things like valve not giving any tips, or them not turning off settings, causing the trackpad to move differently from how they would have liked.

For example, the first 3 reviews I watched (one was mythbusters) all said the mouse kept moving when they took their finger off the touchpad. That's the trackball setting, and it tells you directly that turning it on will do that.

Who knows though, maybe it is just us! :)

Somebody1096d ago

The initial reviews were not encouraging but now I'm seeing a number of people saying it's not that bad as the reviewers painted it as. It seems that the quirky controller has a lot of useful settings and features that never made to the promotional material.

I guess a lot early reviewers expected the Steam Controller to be the game changer it was promoted to be from day one when in fact it was designed to gradually grow into one. That's pretty much how Steam and its many services grew into the monster it is today.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1096d ago

Definitely, and there are weaknesses to it, no doubt about it, that's one of them. Considering it's meant to be inviting to console players (like myself, I'm not very good at KB+M).

Honestly, the amount of control settings 😂😂😂 there's no f****** end.

Maybe it will grow into a game changer, I've found it better for me personally than my DS4 and KB + M. I can stay competitive using the DS4 through DS4windows and if I'm feeling it then a mouse but this just took it to a whole other level.

TXIDarkAvenger1097d ago

I enjoy it as well but I personally think the triggers could have been better.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1096d ago

Agreed, something like adjusting the stop distance like the X1 elite would be great.

duplissi1097d ago

I have no problems with it, however I don't really have the patience to tweak it perfectly.

My GF will end up using it more, and I'll just use a Dualshock 4 with my Steam link (Which even works wirelessly).

bluebenjamin1096d ago

Do your Ds4 ever suffer from input lag? It DOESN'T matter if I use input mapper or DS4WINDOWS I still get it.Its kind of a disadvantage when it happens in a game of black ops 3 when my rifle just fires and I have no control of my character for 4 seconds.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1096d ago

I haven't faced any, maybe it's your controller or your Bluetooth connection. Sorry to hear that though

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DivineAssault 1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

The N64 controller was great! Not so much for 3rd party but the devs who made the games right on it played just fine. RE 2 worked fine, the wrestling games worked fine, and 3D games worked like a dream.. It was ugly and bulky but effective and that sweet rumble pack they pioneered.. N64 did 3D like no other.. The exclusives were what benefitted most though..

The saturn 3D controller was awesome imo too.. Maybe i liked the 6 button layout both had for fighting and arcade titles.. The rest on the list i agree with from what ive tried.. That damn duke xbox controller was terrible! So were the atari controllers..

babadivad1097d ago

I have a fondness for the Duke. That thing was indestructible. It was made for big hands, never warmed up to the controller S. I don't think they got it right until the 360 pad.

bluebenjamin1096d ago

I liked the Duke as well because the force feedback was stronger.What I didn't like about it is that the buttons were to close together xbya,sometimes I pushed two buttons at once because of that.