Sorry, Fallout 4, Graphics Matter

EB: Many critics have been near-orgasmic in their praise for Bethesda’s new title, but even Fallout 4‘s most ardent suitors have had to backpedal when it comes to the game’s visuals and especially, character models and animations. Sure, they admit, the characters move like uncoordinated robots and the lip synching is just this side of Justin Bieber terrible, but the world! It’s so big! There’s so much to do!

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TenBensons1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Apart from the lip syncing and rough textures for a lot of the objects, I don't have a problem. The animations are ok. Not great but ok. The combat is superb though. I think this is a case of just not liking the game or maybe setting expectations too high.

The Witcher was boring (or at least left me fatigued) after 40 hours with a terrible combat system. Great characters though and a great world that you could do nothing to. Sort of like a plastic cake.

COD - Yawn. Cookie cutter gaming with all the innovation ripped from Titanfall. Very narrow linear experience no dynamism whatsoever.

Assassins creed - A combination of The Witchers plastic cake world, and COD's rinse and repeat attitude.

Tomb Raider - Not played or seen much of it so can't comment but it's a linear experience.

What makes fallout fun isn't high production values. Its being able to interact and affect the world (and people) with my own interactions. You can't do that in any of the games listed in the article and if you can its at a superficial level, except for perhaps The Witcher. It's a shame this guy didn't enjoy Fallout but, you like what you like.

TLDR; Yeah....but Fallout lets me play with corpses.

cyphertech1100d ago

Metal Gear Solid 5 was pretty good at all of these things, but the sandbox had a lot less to do. It's my GOTY though.

Aeery1100d ago

The art direction of Fallout 4 is really, really good.
Probably one of the best in the market of the open world.

Sure, there are some low res texture and low poly items, but overall the whole visual is very good, enough to create a great mood that only few games are able to achieve.
There is also an excellent variety in the map and the whole "architecture" is very awesome.

So, criticizing the graphics of F4 is (in most of the cases) unfair and/or ignorant about the matter.

Ps I'm playing the game on [email protected]

_-EDMIX-_1100d ago

Its my GOTY, but not really because of the sandbox. I like it being open, but its main draw are the missions and options you can choose from to beat them. Though I didn't care for the open world by itself, it wasn't really what I was playing the game for, I like it being open to allow for different options to enter a mission area.

Though I'm loving Fallout 4 right now, MGSV is my over all game of the year in terms of design, art direction, game play etc.

_-EDMIX-_1100d ago

@Aeery- Agreed! I love the look of Fallout 4. The cities are amazing looking!

Fallout 4 is one of the best looking games this gen, period. Its easily top 10 if not top 5. Fallout 3 was not even near that during the time it came out, not even close. Folks are exaggerating the graphics being bad, they are fine.

ShinMaster1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

GTA5. Bigger map. Highly detailed world. Better story/characters. Better animations. Better graphics on PS3/360, even online.
Same with Witcher 3.

Bethesda still can't do decent AI.

C4rnos1100d ago

Gonna have to disagree there, MGS5 was the biggest of disappointments in gaming i've ever had.

The gameplay itself was great and a perfect evolution for the newest iteration of the series.. but they lost the plot on this one, what happened to the soul of the game? as a huge fan of the series i failed to see any hallmarks of a classic Kojima game.

Cutscenes non-existant, story elements hacked up, notable characters nowhere to be seen, camouflage?, i found it difficult to finish, (which is anything but true for the previous games) sure it's not a bad game by any means but as it was such a massive disappointment i really don't think it's worth GOTY when The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 are hanging around.

Dee_Blessed1100d ago

12 dislikes for stating his opinion in a non-troll way. Wow. Yall here are really ridiculous

frostypants1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

@ShinMaster, very few buildings were explorable in GTA 5, and there is very little interactivity. Please. Let me know when I can drop something as mundane as a desk fan next to a tree in the wilderness, walk away, and come back 2 weeks later to find it still there in either GTA 5 or Witcher 3. In FO4, it will still be there. There is a lot more going on in that map than in those other games, which are pretty but very canned in terms of what you can do (especially Witcher 3). And the combat AI in Fallout 4 is lightyears ahead of either of those. You sound like another person who's commenting on it but has never played it.

BeefCurtains1100d ago

The game isn't setting records for visuals, but it looks great and has been a ton of fun.

The graphics haven't at any point ruined the story for me.

awi59511100d ago


Fallout 3 looked pretty good for its time maxed out on pc. I played the crap out of that game and bought a new gpu because the pc version looked so much better. But fallout 3 was easy to run even on pc. One 4870 would max it with max AA @ 1080P with locked 60fps at launch.

Mr Lahey1099d ago


"12 dislikes for stating his opinion in a non-troll way. Wow. Yall here are really ridiculous"

LOL what? You serious? It's disagrees, not dislikes.. People have different opinions you know? And a lot of people disagrees with his opinion. How hard can it be to understand?

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aquaticDonut1100d ago

Please disregard my upvote. I did it after reading that the game looked fine to you and didn't notice the comment on Witcher.

Pixelart1100d ago

I do agree. Witcher 3 is beautiful but the environment is static and bodies disappear. Objects are the best in Skyrim though.

PudgeyBurrito1100d ago

Fallout's graphics are fine. Not every game has to be mind blowing graphics to be fun and Fallout proves that. It's the same with games like Halo. The graphics don't feel as polished as say COD or Destiny but if you ask anyone who owns an XboxOne the game is still fun without crazy over the top graphics. Simple put. This article is wrong.

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ziggurcat1100d ago

people that complain about fallout 4's graphics are failing to understand the art direction for the game.

redey31100d ago

Art direction?
So blocky low res textures, horrible animations and an engine that is at least 8 years old is an ART DIRECTION?
So many blind fanboys.

ABeastNamedTariq1100d ago

Do you know what art direction is?

redey31100d ago

Do you understand that having chunky animation and an severely outdated engine is NOT an art direction?

frostypants1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

"an art direction"...LOL. Just're not even using the term properly.

Yourmommasaid1100d ago

@redey3 Do you even know what "art direction" is? Horrible animations and the game engine isn't part of it! It's the "style" of Fallout that is presented flawlessly! You know, like futuristic 50's era style. You, sir, are the blind one!

BeefCurtains1100d ago

Really the only people I've noticed complaining are people that haven't actually played the game...

redey31099d ago

It's like im arguing with kids.
The dude said people that talk about the GRAPHICS don't understand the art direction.
Do you understand that?
So we aren't talking about the futuristic steampunk bullshit and that we dont like it.
We don't like the horrible textures, bland interiors (most part) and the ugly animations (that's even not up to debate).
Having ugly animations isn't an art direction, having cowboy hats in a fallout era is.
Using an 13 year old engine code for a game in 2015 is disastrous that's why this game has so MANY bugs.
I can easily screenshot the game within with my char, doesn't mean I don't like the game, unlike you blind fanboys who jerk off on the game all the time I am objective and am honest about it very apperant flaws.
Bethseda always releases an bugfest with mediocre graphics and bad animations, and you just let them. Because hey, HUGE world. - And it's not even huge, witcher 3 has a bigger and more rich world.

BeefCurtains1099d ago

Witcher 3 had a huge and beautiful world. A huge, and mostly empty, beautiful world. It was vast for the sake of being vast. Towns were annoyingly far apart, with just space in between. But the empty space did look good.

I feel like I'm arguing with a kid to keep this conversation going, because the graphics are not horrible, very clearly, they look great and the game is immensely fun. Fallout 4 isn't setting any records for most beautiful game, I agree, but not every new game needs to do that. I for one am glad they focused more on gameplay than graphics.

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DrJones1099d ago

They are failing in many things.

Hoffmann1100d ago

There were some cringeworthy articles submitted by this website.

_-EDMIX-_1100d ago

I this person playing the game or merely looking at it?

Wolfenstein511100d ago

I traded the game 3 days after buying it. The only good thing about the game was that I got 44.00 in trade in credit after buying it for 47.99 at Best Buy. This game is Fallout 3 with new locations. New Vegas was better than this crap. Sorry Fallout, but you got to do better than that in this crowded triple AAA gaming season.

Paytaa1100d ago

Pretty sure Fallout is doing better than most AAA games this year. People play Fallout because it's fun and the universe is immersive. The day I play Fallout for graphics is the day I play CoD to help me join the military.

SolidGear31100d ago

Fallout it outselling CoD, Assassins Creed and GTA. I think it's the other way around and everything else should try doing better than Fallout 4 this holiday but highly doubt it because FALLOUT 4!

raiden111100d ago


"Fallout it outselling CoD, Assassins Creed and GTA. I think it's the other way around and everything else should try doing better than Fallout 4 this holiday but highly doubt it because FALLOUT 4!"

Wrong!! Grand Theft Auto V sold 56 million.
Call Of Duty track record sales atleast 20 million. Assassins Creed sells atleast 7million.
Compared on Fall Out 4 shipped 12 million copies not sold.

lipton1011100d ago

I'm so glad I read this comment. Traded it while it still held some equity - solid move. Reasons for trading:
- "It's fallout 3 with new locations." Got it.
- "New Vegas is better." Ok... How is that?
- "It's crap." Dude, if your copy was legitimately crap, introduce me too the pooper because he has a golden digestive system.