5 terrible Star Wars games from the Dark Side of the Force

With the deafening whine of a TIE fighter squadron, the Star Wars bombardment is about to begin. As well as the damply-anticipated new film set for release in December, there's also the accompanying Death Star-sized lump of plastic toys to blow our cash on. And better still, for the gamers, Star Wars: Battlefront is mere days away from launch.

But it's not always been this rosy. Back in a galaxy very nearby, and not too long ago at all, the Star Wars Universe boasted more terrible video games than plucky Ewoks. To paraphrase Obi-Wan - these really aren't the ones you're looking for...

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Inzo1098d ago

Star Wars: The force unleashed wasnt at all terrible, it was however just too damn short especially considering the price. More like an expansion pack than anything else retailed at full price. That was my big gripe with it.

twiggytree121098d ago

Same here, WAY too short! But great game otherwise..