Button Remapping Now Available On Standard Xbox Wireless Controllers

Major Nelson:
As part of the New Xbox One Experience, we have added button remapping capability for standard Xbox One controllers through the Xbox Accessories App. This highly-requested feature offers a great alternative to remapping buttons on an individual game basis. Now each user on the console can have their own custom button mapping.

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donthate1100d ago

It is nice of MS to give away features and not lock it behind the Elite controller. MS is on a roll adding features to the Xbox One!

Looking forward to more monthly feature additions!

1nsomniac1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Not exactly. Watch out when using the update firmware function in Windows 10 Xbox accessories app as it bricked my controller & its 24 days out of its 12 month warranty. No longer switches on at all. Even with the cable connected. Not happy.

Genuine-User1100d ago

Indeed. Especially for those that are disabled.

Black0ut1100d ago

I never actually though of it like that. It would really be quite beneficial for disabled gamers. That's sweet!

WeAreLegion1100d ago

Nice. Now that the big two have it, it should be a standard feature, moving forward.

freshslicepizza1100d ago

it's astounding it has taken this long to implement. should be the standard moving forward for all consoles.

TheCommentator1100d ago

Needs dead zone adjustment though to stop drift on older controllers, otherwise it's awesome!

Black0ut1100d ago

Agreed, maybe we'll see this in a future update for the accessories app? I can see MS working on it for sure.

TheCommentator1100d ago

It's coming to the Elites. Got my fingers crossed...

Kingdomcome2471100d ago

My buddy didn't know about this feature, and when he went to the bathroom I quick swapped every button that's available to swap. He was having a fit when he got back just in time for his next Halo 5 slayer match, lol.

madmonkey011100d ago

best use of the feature, the only time i used it on ps4 was in similar circumstance

Kingdomcome2471100d ago

I know, lol. I never used it on my PS4 whenever they introduced it, and I'll never use it on my Xbox One either. I couldn't pass this up, though.

KwietStorm1100d ago

I hope you know you potentially had another gaming related violence story on the evening news.

Kingdomcome2471100d ago

Haha. I dodged a bullet. He almost did the Spartan ground pound on me, lol.

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